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Matric Papers | Sindh education sector has been completely failed | Mobile Devices used in examination Centre.

Recipe for success, Study while others are sleeping, work while others are loafing, prepare while others are playing; and dream while others are wishing.

William A.Ward

The world is a test. Living in this world, we have to be ready for exams all the time. People who take the wrong path to avoid exams or use shortcuts to get ahead of them stumble and fall sooner or later.

Similar happening in Sindh, Pakistan. The annual matriculation examinations have started from July 5, 2021 in which there were major failures found at the beginning of examination. Matric papers were out before starting. Students also used cell phone in examination centers during paper.

The incompetence of the administration makes students career vulnerable. Federal as well as Sindh government is completely failed, the education system almost destroys. Students lacking behind and administration even not bother to prevent the paper leak out. No body have seriously showed concern about students, their careers and improvement in education system

Failure of Education system in Pakistan

The main reasons for failure in the education system are as follows:

  • Lack of education system
  • Closing of educational institutions due to COVID-19
  • Lack of excellent educational materials
  • Ignorance of modern technology
  • Incompetence of educational administration
  • Not providing educational resources
  • Not promoting education etc.

As a result, whole Pakistan see the blunders happening in the matriculation examination of Sindh Board. The students brought their mobile phones into the examination hall and papers leaked out before the paper started.

Sindh education system is lacking in education. It’s a big flaw for Sindh Government that they do nothing in the betterment of exams. The education is a main source for development of any country and we are lacking behind. Educated generation is our future.

We are destroying our upcoming generation. As easy as it is to play games with a mobile phone, it is important to make education easier. And reforms are much needed in education for Progress of Pakistan.


Carrying a mobile phone and other gadgets in the examination room is not an allowed.  It is the fault of the administration that they are not taking serious actions against culprits due to which number of students career on risk due to the situation of matriculation examinations get worst. There is need of immediate steps to be taken to stop the further problems in matric papers.

The government should take action against all this and punish the culprits so that next time these losses can be avoided. The education system should be made easier. Proper resources should be provided to the students. Government should must do something remarkable and immediate reforms especially relatable to the 18th embedment as soon as possible for the betterment of Pakistan’s education

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