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Monkey pox in Pakistan ~ Pakistan’s health ministry future strategies of monkey pox outbreaks

Virus Monkey pox in Pakistan:

The monkey virus infection that results in monkey pox is an uncommon viral zoonotic illness. African rodents and non-human primates like monkeys may harbor the virus and spread it to humans, despite the fact that the monkey pox’s natural reservoir is still unclear.

Within one to three days of the onset of the fever, the patient will experience a rash that often starts on the face and spreads to other areas of the body. Other signs and symptoms include lymphadenopathy, fatigue, headache, and muscle aches.

The incubation period can be anywhere from five to 21 days, but it is typically seven to fourteen days. Usually, the disease lasts between two and four weeks. Contact with an infected person, animal, or item that has been contaminated with the virus causes transmission.

Monkey pox a new Pandemic:

The monkey pox virus is widespread in 12 endemic countries, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). However, 12 non-endemic WHO member states have recently reported newly discovered monkey pox virus infections. The majority of confirmed cases reported between May 13, 2022, and May 21, 2022, were in the United Kingdom, surpassing all other countries on this list.

According to a notification from the National Institute of Health (NIH), which stressed that the virus could also outbreak in Pakistan, national and provincial health authorities in Pakistan were placed on high alert on May 23, 2022, following the rise of the monkey pox virus in non-endemic countries like the US and the UK.

On May 26, 2022, non-endemic countries had received reports of nearly 200 confirmed or suspected occurrences of monkey pox infection. The news of possible cases of monkey pox in Pakistan quickly went viral on social media in the middle of this world disturbance. The NIH, however, refuted these assertions and made it clear that no cases of monkey pox in Pakistan have yet been identified.

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Pakistan’s step to cope with monkey pox:

According to sources within the health department, assistance from the World Health Organization would be required to prepare the training part. Healthcare professionals, doctors, and hospital staff who excelled during the dengue and coronavirus outbreaks will be given priority for the training, according to the statement.

According to the sources, the Punjab government has given the Rawalpindi health department permission to educate medical personnel to handle potential monkey pox cases in Pakistan.

If necessary, they stated, MBBS students would be included in the training program. The medical team will learn how to treat monkey pox patients while also taking care of self-defense throughout the course.

The training will concentrate on the possible safety of medical staff, techniques for moving a patient from one ward to another, and laboratory test collection.

Future Strategies for monkey pox outbreak in Pakistan:

In light of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) declaration that the outbreak is “a global health emergency,” the health ministry has warned all the province governments to keep a watch out for any suspected monkey pox cases in Pakistan.

The government has resolved to boost surveillance throughout the nation and has begun taking effective precautions to stop any illness outbreaks, according to health minister Qadir Patel’s statement on Sunday.

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In a statement, Patel stated that “all national and provincial health authorities have been urged to remain on high alert for any suspected case of monkey pox in Pakistan.” “Stakeholders, in particular border health services, have been given instructions for intensive monitoring at all sites of entry.”

The minister stated that the government would continue to operate in accordance with WHO principles.

The country will fully adopt the recommendations made in accordance with international health rules, he stressed.

The minister stated that border health services of the Central Health Establishment (CHE) will assure screening of all entering travellers, especially those travelling from African nations.

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monkey pox in Pakistan
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