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Monsoon rains in Balochistan have been devastated by floods, forcing thousands of people to flee

Monsoon rains in Balochistan

Pakistan is ranked 8th among countries with the most rapid climate change despite contributing less than one percent to worldly carbon emissions.  Balochistan, a province of Pakistan that is close to Afghanistan and Iran, has been affected worse as compared to others, where rains have ruined the main areas of Balochistan and left them with nothing. Families lost their members, houses, and their only way to work through agriculture.

The national disaster management authority (NDMA) said that since the start of monsoon rains in Balochistan in mid -June this year, because of extreme rainfall, more than 650 people have died across the country.

Monsoon rains in Balochistan, the largest province of Pakistan, have bad expectations for the monsoon. According to the NDMA, more than 200 people have died till now, including 58 children, whereas more than 10,000 have been displaced from their homes. More than 570 schools have been reported to be nowhere seen, and cholera cases have also been reported.

According to the Balochistan authorities, flooding has caused more than 40,000 damages to the homes of locals whereas 22,000 were destroyed. Approximately 700,000 acres of crops were lost due to monsoon rains in Balochistan, which lost approximately 10 million dollars to Pakistan.

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Monsoon rains in Balochistan have caused devastation, but it is not limited to Balochistan but also the other three provinces. This year’s estimated climate change seems to be 267mm as compared to the 30- year average of 119mm, with an increase of 124 percent, which is indeed considered destructive to the country.

In neighboring Sindh province, the 30-year average was 107mm but touched 375mm this year. The province has reported more than 140 flood-related deaths, including at least 66 children, this year.

While people showed their need for relief by sharing videos on social media, monsoon rains in Balochistan caused the province’s government to take action and rescue people in this time of helplessness. Qari Shahnawaz said during his interview, “house was scattered due to floods, as it had been continuously raining for many days. The entire city is drowning and people have nowhere to go. Had the government prepared for this, we would not be having these problems, Even right now, I am standing in waist-high water.”

When a question was asked about government action that took place till now, retired teacher Haji Raheem said “The government is just claiming that they are helping people, but I do not see them anywhere here.” It is only the charity workers and some political parties helping on their own,”

Killah Abdullah district’s Razaaq says his village, consisting of 25 mud houses, was destroyed due to heavy rainfall.

“The authorities provided us with some tents and food parcels, but we don’t have a dry place to put the tents,” he told Al Jazeera. “For a majority of people, our only livelihood in this area is agriculture, but the flood has washed away our crops of watermelon and apples.”

Naseebullah of Muslim Bagh stated that the government did not take any precautionary measures before the flood. Every country informs its citizens beforehand. He also added that the flood took away much more than his house. “The house was built by our ancestors. They had been living here for more than 100 years. It was not built on any illegal waterway, and never in the past did we face such a problem. But now we are left with nothing. “

Resident Naseebullah, 60 years old, was having dinner with his four children when he heard noises outside his house and sensed danger coming. “It had been raining non-stop anyway, and we could not leave our house. But when I heard the noise of water rushing towards us, I ran inside the house and yelled to my family to stop everything and immediately leave.

Naseebullah was only one of the lucky ones who saved his family but could not save his relatives in the monsoon rains in Balochistan.

“My brother lived next door and he had some relatives’ children also staying with him. “As soon as we managed to leave the house, the flood came crashing down and destroyed my house as well as my brother’s, taking him and the people inside away,” he said. “If it had flooded at any other time, we might have been washed away like plates in my kitchen.” I have lost my home, crops, and everything in this flood.” Mohammad Safar said when the rain came and washed away his on 12 July at 9 am it made him and his family run away toward higher ground.

Monsoon rains in Balochistan

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