Friday, March 17, 2023

More rain brings more water, which causes Karachi to sink once again

Karachi drownings and heavy rains are nothing new. It is unfortunate that Karachi was sinking yesterday and is sinking today despite the passing of so many years. And we continue to ponder the mystery of Karachi’s sinking. Pakistan has abundant natural resources, but the key question is whether any institutions now exist that can use them more effectively. Everyone accuses the opposition of keeping Pakistan from developing. Such a Pakistan is incapable of progress.

Reasons behind Karachi Sinking:

The main cause is improper drainage on key roadways. Unfortunately, numerous roads, including Shahra-e-Faisal, Shaheed Millat, Karsaz, Maulvi Tamizuddin Khan, and Shahra-e-Pakistan, have turned into ponds of water. It’s not like there aren’t enough large canals. The old canals still exist, but unlike the improvements that have occurred in current times, there hasn’t been any improvement through time. Neither does the administration give it any thought. Because of this, things in Karachi are getting worse and worse every day.

Every politician arrives at the field to create their own numbers, just like Karachi does whenever it is submerged in water. On social media, everyone is blaming the other side, and every politician seems to be apologizing, but the truth is that there are hundreds of images and videos of Karachi drowning, as well as millions of posts. But tragically, after a few days, we all stop thinking about this problem, get back to living our lives. How many cherished lives are lost annually? In every scenario, there are monetary and economic losses. We endure this loss for years while doing little to stop it…

In Karachi, there are numerous drains that used to channel water toward the sea and into storm drains. Rainwater and sewage went down different drains. The sewerage system evolved alongside the metropolis. The drainage system has become less effective, even in regions that were constructed with excellent planning.

Because of this, locations in Karachi like Defis also have a glimpse of the pond. Construction has increased over time while the sewerage infrastructure has been ignored. Rain is a normal occurrence. Which is unstoppable. In Pakistan, there is already a severe water deficit. It is necessary to take action to store water. Create as many dams as you can. In order to prevent several cities, like Karachi in Pakistan, from drowning.

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