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NASA Mars Mission: NASA’s Perseverance Rover Recent pictures


It was not long ago that on February 18, 2021 the mars rovers landed on the crimson planet Mars to discover life on mars. After the rover’s landing it showed the images or the recording of the video brightly, which captured the aesthetics of the red planet was an achievements for “NASA”. The goal for this rover was to find the life and collect samples for the research and hoping to get the resources similar to Earth.

Now on March 4 the rover had its first drive on 4th of March, 2021 and covered about 200 meters across the field of Mars. It was the milestone achievement for the humanity on hoping to find the resources and life on mars and to colonize the planet for the future purpose.

The mars rover was at the mars for 2 months while completing the mission taking pictures of the crimson mass of the planets and some visual cinematography. The rover captured some images on the mars and delivered it to the command center of the NASA office. The color was added to have the effect and was shot bright and 3D effects were given to the picture so that they can capture the beauty of it.

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On March 16, 2021 the rover has managed to capture at least 11 or 12 pictures maybe more, these were joined together with recorded images. It also was recorded by the fact that how far the science has come and how did it wonders of the mankind. Some important research and groundbreaking discoveries that were collected from the rover, now they will have concrete evidence or prove that how is it different planet and how come there are or aren’t life on the crimson planet Mars.

The rovers have been collecting the samples of the planet, the machine has been collecting the rocks throughout its stay on the search of micro life the scientists are hopeful that the life still exists on the planet about 9 nine years on the planet.

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