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NASA’s Mars Ingenuity helicopter first flight made history

On 19 April 2021 “NASA” again made history by attempting to launch the rover helicopter from one planet to another, it was announced on Monday. It overcame the extreme cold climate, dangerous thin air, and flawed software. The copter spun motor and was about 10 ft. high in the air, it hovered briefly around 3:34 a.m. at ET and made a successful landing on Monday. According to NASA, they have planned on four more flights in the coming 2 or 4 weeks.

Before the ingenuity flight towards the red planet and making the history for humanity, Mars rover perseverance made the 1.8 Kilometers drive on the roads of the crimson planet and collects samples about the resources and micro life on the mars, to make sure the life is sustainable or not.

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The ingenuity helicopter was a project; it was a test to find out that how much distance it can cover and also to find out the new capabilities and new technology that it was equipped with. This technology includes “Mars pathfinder” and “Mars Cube One”. The copter can be controlled on another planet; its motor blades can spin faster like the normal helicopter and are said to faster than the rover. It can skim through the thin air of the red planet and will land where the rover left off at 19 April 2021 NASA.

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The solar-powered vehicle broke through the norms and tribulation or challenges that it faced and landed on the mars to collect the data and information to the other planets. It has the ability to survive in the extreme environment and it is quite adaptable to any habitat, and it is said to be highly creative like it has its own mind. The team which built the ingenuity is said it will be lightweight and able to generate the power enough to lift the contraption from its launching pad. And on Jan 19 it is moving alongside the rovers to make the milestone for humanity.

The mars ingenuity has intended to demonstrate more technology that has been equipped with it. If it succeeds by any chance it will make one more milestone for the humanity and technology of Earth. It could enable other advanced robotics and flying vehicles which would be helpful in the robotics field. The contraption could provide the high-definition images and even the reconnaissance missions for both humans and robots.  

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