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NASA’s Perseverance Rover on Mars and Latest Developments

Background NASA’s Perseverance Rover on Mars

NASA’s mars rover also known as “Perseverance” have made the remarkable movie on Mars. The 360-degree turn showed the breathtaking video ranges to 3-minute as it was from aesthetics of the world cinema like we never have seen it before. The rover which was sent by “NASA” to the other world at 18th of February 2021, has entered to the Martian atmosphere hoping to discover some life on the Red Planet. It vividly showed the footage of some extraordinary atmosphere that was out of this world and there is a hope to find the resources as similar to earth on the crimson planet.

Now on March 4, the rover “Perseverance” had its first drive on the crimson planet covering about 6.5 meters across planet. It marks as the milestone for the humans working in “NASA”. Once it begins to roam around the planet in hope to search for some extraterrestrial life on the red planet it is expected to cover more distance on the landscape of Mars at 200 meters or maybe more.

Perseverance Rover on Mars
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The engineers who designed the Perseverance in California are confident that their rover will be a landmark for mankind. The duration for this vehicle was 33 minutes approximately, means it covered about 13 feet forward and 8 feet backward. The “Perseverance” is designed in such a unique way that it can detect any Organic Particle from the Mars’ dust. The radar is also designed followed by Mars Oxygen in system experiment (MOXIE) and environmental detector (MEDA) and the rover’s arm begin to flex for every 2 hours.

This is big news that the engineers working behind the rover are ever closer to achieving their goals. This is just the beginning of their majestic odyssey to collect samples and to discover any organism that has been here for the past decades. There was an idea fiction that human beings can travel from one planet to another as it has been explored in media or the feeling of the dread of existentialism of being alone in the universe. The people working behind the scenes are hopeful that they will get out the positive results of this outcome as the saying goes “the truth is out there”.

The key objective for the “Perseverance” rover is to collect the “Astrobiological” samples and to analyze and characterize the planet’s environmental factors and the climate to pave the way for human exploration. The Perseverance is functional and ready to collect the samples for experiments and to drill some important points on the planet rocks so that it could be back to earth to examine the rocks for mineral and biological samples. The rover is on the journey and will cover more distance in a given aspect of time and examining the ecosystem of the red planet. Speaking of examining the planet over the weeks the Perseverance has sent over 7000 images to the space center where the researchers are analyzing the current atmosphere or ecosystem on the planet.

The program is working with the “ESA” European Space Agency which would send space crafts to Mars to pick up the samples for the in-depth analysis and pave the way for humanity.

“NASA” has a history of having strong landmarks achievements throughout the year with the first man on the moon to the introduction of new satellites like “ECHO”, “TESTER” and “SYNCOM”. The last decades have marked the beginning of outer space and the search for other planets. Hope, it is also an achievement for the organization on Mars Project.

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