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Neuralink will change the future of Human Being

With a massive strides which science has done throughout the years like the progress of space x to colonize mars. There is a technology that can help the humanity into the new level of improvements. Team behind the development of this technology is led by Elon Musk and Tesla Incorporation who is working on the technology called “Neuralink”.

Just imagine the technology that is helpful in medical field like curing of tumors and cancer or even the blindness and deafness can be reversed or to have power of never forgetting the name, age, birthday and face of the person. That’s what Elon Musk and his cooperation is doing this to achieve the goal for the humanity. The technology was in early development in 2016; hope to give more epic result.

So what is Neuralink and why is it a future of the humanity

Neuralink is the neuro technology which has specific objective to develop an ultra-high frequency or bandwidth interfaces to connect humans with the computers. You can say that it is the pseudo-artificial intelligence chip integrated to the human brain that can signify or enhance the human brain’s capacity.

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There have been a number of developments of this neural technology which help the mentally disabled people or how to implement chips for the brain injuries or disorders. The company behind developing the chips understands that important of the “Artificial Intelligence (AI)”. Our brain functions with the large number of neurons as it is connected with the large number of synapsis, these synapses are controlled with the electric signals called electrical spikes. These spikes control the muscles and change how we can perceive, feel or hear the words. This phenomenon is called neural spikes.

The neural link has the ability to track things and measure the land scales and also the temperature, orientation and pressures. Elon Musk claims that the technology such as Neuralink will have beneficial effect to the humanity especially in medical field and will focus on rectifying brain injuries, tumors, paralysis and strokes; it can be helpful for the general population as well.

The feature of neural link is that it can record the data like a processor and can also functions in the form of GPS. It can also stimulate neurons in the brain, as it will be connected to the neurons of nervous system and will be wirelessly connected with the Bluetooth by a mobile app.

Humans will be designated as cyborgs and with the impending innovations and digitalization human civilizations we will be more dependent on technology. Elon Musk already said that we are cyborgs because of the dependency on technology, but with the rise of new innovations there will not be a difference between androids and humans, we all have become the super human which can be upgraded.

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