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New Cheaper Sedan Cars in Pakistan to make Entry in 2021

Changan Motors is set to launch new sedan cars with advanced technology for the first time in Pakistan.

Sedan Cars in Pakistan

Changan Automobile is a Chinese automobile company that is ready to launch their new sedan cars in Pakistan under the label Changan Alsvin. The company is working in partnership with a local brand – Master, which is famous for automobile manufacturing in Pakistan. The booking of these cars is expected to open in January 2021. The prices of cars are not revealed yet but it is expected that the price range for these cars is much cheaper than other famous automobile brands in Pakistan.

Master motor claims to have cars with technology such as automatic heating and cooling system, parking sensors, power steering, sensors for parking, etc. The increasing interest of automobile companies in Pakistan’s market is a new opportunity to enhance its automobile sector and break the monopoly of already present big companies here. This provides people with more options in a cheaper range with current-generation technology automobiles – that is rare here.

The new cars come in a variety of engine and fuel capacity that will be updated on their official website as well as other media platforms. Danial Malik, the CEO of Master Motors is optimistic about these new cars and collaboration with Changan Automobiles. He points out that people will not be disappointed with this new incentive.

Changan is set to have a long-term partnership in Pakistan for the automobile market. The future of this partnership will be decided by the technology and practicality of these cars in Pakistan. For now, this new launch seems to have more options for Pakistani at cheaper rates.

Sedan Cars in Pakistan
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