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Nora Al Matrooshi became the first woman astronaut in the Arab’s World

It’s a good day and news coming from the Arab world that Nora Al Matrooshi has become the first Arab-born woman astronaut. She will be a part of the team of four that are chosen by “NASA” for a future space mission.

This is indeed great news not only for the Muslim world but also for the female demographics, for a while the female had the glass ceiling that they can’t reach to a certain level or they are underpaid.

All that will change now she has become the inspiration for many young girls across the Muslim world and will ignite the passion of those supposedly 8 or 9 years old who are dreaming to be one day go to space.

Who is Nora Al Matrooshi?
Nora Al Matrooshi
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She has been in talks of the news about her selection in the space program in NASA. She has a degree in Mechanical engineering from the UAE University in 2015. She is a member of the prestigious “The American society of mechanical engineers”.

While working with the petroleum company she handled many projects for the Abu Dhabi National oil company. She excelled in the fields of mathematics and was ranked first in UAE Olympiad mathematical.

She was selected as a 2013 youth ambassador in Korea and also went to represent her country in the region in both the 2018 and 2019 UN international youth conference. Her love for space travel was ignited at the age of 8 because of her star gazing and curiosity and her lessons at school. She was chosen from the pool of candidates around 4000 members for future space exploration missions.

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