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OIC Meetup: Silence of Muslim World on Palestine

Can Muslim World fight with Israel to bring justice for Palestine? The silence has raised many questions.

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The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has called a meeting to discuss the Palestine matter. In the past few days, Israeli brutality has increased and killed many innocents Palestinians mostly women and children. The innocent people from Palestine are trying to raise their voice with whatever source available. They have shown bravery and stood before the cruel forces of Israel. They are fighting without weapons, the only weapon they have is their faith in Almighty Allah. They have resisted the attacks of inhuman forces by throwing stones. That’s the only thing they can use against the armed forces. Now as the conditions are getting worse, they are looking for a miracle to happen. Their voice for justice has been suppressed. They have run out of the stones to throw at the nemesis. In such a situation every eye looking towards the Muslim World to stand against this injustice. On social media, multiple trends are going to save Palestine. Regarding the OIC session and the reaction of Muslims towards the issue, many people have shared their opinion. People want to know that why the Muslim world is silent over Palestine matter. While in the OIC meeting ministers from different countries and Pakistan shared their concerns regarding the issue.

On Sunday, Muslim countries united for the session of OIC. The Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud urged to bring an end to the violence on Palestinian citizens. The organization consisted of 57 countries called out the United Nations Security Council, Malaysia’s Prime Minister has tweeted to call an emergency UN General Assembly meeting. The OIC clearly mentioned in a statement that Israel needs to respect Muslims’ right to access Masjid Al Aqsa as it is the third holiest place for Muslims. The statement of OIC also opposed the forceful eviction of families from their homes.

The violence by Israeli Armed Forces on the unarmed Palestinian women and children in the past week has been at its peak. Israel launched missiles on innocent people that resulted in around 188 deaths and 1,230 people injured. It has been recorded that it is the worst violence since 2014 war in Gaza. Hamas fired missiles aiming at the Israel territory which killed 8 people. However, Hamas did not take part in the meeting.

During the meeting, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu and Iran’s Foreign Minister Muhammad Javed Zarif criticized the Muslim countries that have recognized Israel as a state. The concern was shown that if the Muslim world would not unite then these efforts will be vain and no one will take these words seriously. Before Shah Mahmood Qureshi also showed his concerns and said that OIC members need to support each other to raise their voices for Palestine. Alone Pakistan, Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Saudia Arabia cannot do anything.

Despite Muslim World has raised its voice against the violence happening in Palestine through the OIC platform on an international level, people are not happy. According to them, the solution is not hidden in words anymore. Whereas, the statements in OIC meeting show that the bureaucrat and defense experts are worried that not all OIC members are showing support.

Social media is flooded with trends and campaigns against violence in Palestine. But they are also showing concern that now is the time to put efforts beyond this. Many people in Pakistan are criticizing that Palestine and Kashmir are both struggling alone for their freedom. They are defenseless and fighting their wars without weapons. The support they are getting is not enough to win a war.

OIC meetup on Palestine has given a clear message to the world that Muslim world is against the brutalities of Israel. However, it is understood that without proper support no one can win a war.

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