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Pakistan Breakup 1971

Pakistan Breakup | December 16, 1971, was one of the darkest days for Pakistan and will always remain a tragic event in Pakistan’s history.  The geopolitical historical scenario of Pakistan in 1971 resulting in the separation of Pakistan and Bangladesh as a result of a war between India and Pakistan 49 years ago.

What caused the Pakistan Breakup?

The elections of 1970 in which Zulfikar Ali Bhutto started his election campaign from West Pakistan and Sheikh Mujibur Rehman from East Pakistan. these election campaigns  Mujibur Rehman during his rallies delivered emotional speeches where he spoke about the injustices Bengalis were facing since the inception of Pakistan. This worked as the instigating factor for the ethnic feelings to turn into nationalism.

The elections resulted in 1070 candidates for 138 National Assembly seats in the western wing whereas 870 candidates for 162 NA seats in the eastern wings. The finals results showed Awami League the largest party but the formation of a coalition government was suggested. The Bengalis felt wronged due to this decision and started their movement for the formation of Bangladesh.

Bloodshed in Pakistan Breakup

Whatsoever was the reason for the clash between East and West Pakistan, it resulted in bloodshed and many painful series of events for people of both countries. With India’s involvement and igniting the fire between the two countries, the bloodshed and series of unfortunate events were bound to happen. Over the years, people have narrated their stories about the atrocities of Indian soldiers on both sides of the border

The ill-fated relationship between East and West Pakistan is a lesson for current and future authorities of Pakistan and Bangladesh. Learning from this can save both countries from countless geopolitical harms from the external influence that can cause friction among nations or ethnicities.

Pakistan’s Breakup
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