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Pakistan claims India is behind the Attack on UN Delegation

Pakistan claims that India is behind the attack on UN delegation and vehicle. The UN observers were heading towards Pakistan controlled Kashmir to meet the victims of and survivals of India’s attacks in the region.

Attack on UN Delegation

On December 18, 2020, a UN delegation of ‘The United Nations Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan’ (UNMOGIP) was conducting routine activities regarding observing the situations on LoC where it faced an attack near Rawalakot. No one was harmed during the attack but the vehical was damaged due to gunshots. The UN observers were rescued by Pakistan Army and were taken to a safe spot successfully says Farhan Aziz, spokesperson of the UN Secretary-General.

Pakistani authorities called out India on the attack of UN observers in POK saying that the attack was premeditated to disrupt the regular activities and defame Pakistan. The attack is another violation of international law and is against international norms.

In a Twitter thread, DG ISPR states that Indian forces attacked the vehicles carrying UN delegate.

India responded to these claims in a total rejection and a false allegation by Pakistan. According to India, there was no firing activity from India’s side and India would never involve in this incident knowing the arrival of the UN delegation is due that day.

Later in a press conference in Abu Dhabi, FM Shah Mahmood Qureshi reveals to the international community that India is planning to conduct a false flagship operation against Pakistan.

Is there a chance that this attack was also a part of India’s false flagship operation to defame Pakistan once again?

Attack on UN Delegation
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