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Pakistan Democratic Movement: Narrative, Future, and PTI’s Response

Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), a joint association of opposition parties of Pakistan that unites against the government, policies, and stand in support of true democracy. PDM claims to have its roots in 2008 in the Charter of Democracy that was established by Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif against the military coup, 1999 led by Pervaiz Musharraf. The current Pakistan Democratic Movement laid its foundations after ‘all parties conferences hosted by Bilawal Bhutto Zardari to form a coalition against the invasion of other powers in the process of democracy.


Action Plan in Phases
Pakistan Democratic Movement
Current Development in PDM’s Narrative

The PDM claims that they are fighting for restoring the true democracy in the country and to get rid of a ‘puppet government’. On various occasions, directly or indirectly, senior leaders of PDM have claimed their fight to be in the name of democracy. However, they have raised their voices against many of the PTI’s policies. For this purpose, PDM has prepared 26 – points charter of demand.

According to the JUI-F chief, the currently selected government with the support of the establishment has formed government and their incompetent policies are taking a toll on Dawn the country’s economy. Moreover, PML-N’s slogan, ‘vote ko izzat do’ has now become the narrative of PDM that is pointing towards the ‘powers who bought Imran Khan in government’. Some of the important points given supported by PDM are:

• Accountability for all
• State institutions to become free of political influence
• Independent judiciary
• Fair and independent elections
• Protection of 18th amendment and NFC award

Pakistan Democratic Movement with its first phase has held many processions in almost all the big cities of Pakistan. All the processions showed the power of PDM and the support of nations on its narrative. Despite the second wave of Covid-19 and restrictions on public gatherings according to SOPs, PDM has continued the processions that have started a new fire between PDM and government.

Meanwhile, the talks about resignations from assemblies were highlighted but no confirmation has been from PDM or their representatives. Lastly, PDM claims to be ready for the long march towards Islamabad in January. However, the confirmed plan of action regarding the long march and how this march will forward under the current alarming coronavirus situation in the country.

PTI’s Narrative regarding PDM

PM Imran Khan and other senior leaders of PTI on various occasions called Pakistan Democratic Movement as a way of getting NRO. To that Imran Khan has stated, during his interviews, speeches, and tweets that NRO will not be granted to anyone.

PTI is unhinged by the tactics of Pakistan Democratic Movement and is adamant on the stance that PM Imran Khan will not step down from his post at any cost. Furthermore, in response to oppositions’ criticisms on censorship matter, the government allowed the airing of the speeches of Nawaz Sharif.

Moreover, PTI has spoken against the processions and public gatherings that Pakistan Democratic Movement is holding across the country amid the second wave of Covid-19. The government has announced that it will follow its regular course despite PDM’s activities.

Future Trajectory

At the moment, PDM is continuing its phase one of holding processions in cities of Pakistan. Whereas the long march has been shifted to February 2021 and the resignation matter has been postponed to March 2021, if necessary. On the other hand, the government predicts the breakup of PDM that however is not supported by valid evidence but the minor differences among the parties’ fundamental standing and PDM’s aims can become true.

By comparing the Charter of Democracy and Pakistan Democratic Movement, the similarity to restore true democracy exists. However, the current government of PTI has been elected through democratic means – elections. Then, under these circumstances, what will PDM efforts result in? even though they claim that the government is selected, the fact remains that elections were held and all the parties participated in those elections.

Under these situations, what results will PDM bring into the country’s politics?

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