Pakistan Film Week in China Celebrating 70 Years of Pak-China diplomatic Ties

Pakistan film week in China was held to rejoice the 70 years of diplomatic ties between China and Pakistan. The four-day event kicked started on 4th August 2021 at a theatre in Beijing, China. Five Pakistani movies were screened at the event with Chinese and English subtitles. These movies were Punjab Nahi Jaungi, Ho Mann Jahan, Motorcycle Girl, Bin Roye, and Blind Love. This diverse genre of movies that were showcased in Pakistan film week in China showed different aspects of Pakistan: roots and culture, the it-culture of late millennials and gen Z, blooming talent, and potential in Pakistan. There are no doubts about the Pakistan-China friendship and diplomatic ties but Pakistan film week in China was a good initiative to overcome the gap between the Pakistani and Chinese public.


Representation of Pakistan Film Week in China

Deputy Head at Pakistan’s Embassy in Beijing, Ahmed Farooq, in his speech at the launch event was positive about the cultural exchange between the two countries in the future as well. He was hopeful for similar events in the future that will bloom the film industry of both countries to display their talent and diplomatic ties to the world.

Moving on, Fawad Chaudry, the Minister for Information and Broadcasting shared a video message to talk about talent in both countries and appreciated China’s efforts for the event. He further added, “It also provides a great opportunity to Pakistani filmmakers to showcase their movies in China”.

Moreover, the films that were featured in the film week were a good choice to show the diversity of Pakistan’s culture and the film industry’s potential.

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Future Benefits Following Pakistan Film Week In Pakistan
Future Ventures

It is expected that Pakistani movies will be screened at another event at Qingdai and Hainan Film Festival at the end of this year. Once the series of showcasing films starts, China will also be able to display its films in Pakistan. It will open ventures for Pakistani filmmakers to learn new techniques and art that are used in Chinese films and vice versa.

Pakistan film week in China was the first step to open new avenues in China’s film industry. Hopefully, the exchange of actors and filmmakers will take place in the future for cultural exchange as well and exchange of knowledge and craft.

Pakistan’s new developments with the Turkish media and film industry are an example of evolving diplomatic ties in fields other than military and politics. Pakistan’s new policy of using media as a tool to develop healthy and positive ties will have long-lasting effects on the diplomatic ties of both countries in terms of cultural exchange and economical ventures.

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Future of Branding

It is common knowledge that Pakistan is a good market for Chinses products. Pakistan-China already has various joint projects considering political and economic developments. Whereas, there were no joint projects in other industries to build and display a positive side of diplomatic ties. After Pakistan film week in China, it is expected that similar ventures will be held in the future to encourage brand investments. These brand’s investments and advertisements can play a huge role in externalizing talent and products in the international market.

Later on, Pakistan and China will be able to make a positive impact in national and international markets following Pakistan film week in China.

There is no doubt about the power of media in a country’s development. With the growing development of CPEC and China’s BRI project, both countries need some positive boost in the international market. Well-planned marketing will benefit both countries in the growing uncertainty in global changing politics. Hopefully, Pakistan film week in China will prove to be beneficial for both countries and it will pave the way for more collaborations in the filming and media domain just like it did with Turkey after the huge success of Etrugul in Pakistan.

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