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Pakistan floods death toll rises to 1000 forcing thousands of people to displace

Pakistan floods death toll rises to 1000

Deaths are happening all around Pakistan due to extremely devastating situations due to extreme climate change. Pakistan has topped around 1000 June deaths due to heavy rainfall and floods. On Sunday, August 28th, Pakistan’s Climate Minister called the current Pakistan floods situation “a serious climate disaster.”

Pakistan floods and heavy rainfall have already washed away so many homes and left people with nothing. Some have lost their lives, whereas those who remained have been rescued due to the hard work of soldiers and rescue teams. They provided them with camps and food funded by world organizations due to the Pakistan floods.

Sherry Rehman, Pakistan’s climate minister, stated the Pakistan floods are the worst disaster Pakistan has ever faced.

As the number of deaths is increasing because of the Pakistan floods, Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif appealed for international help.

Pakistan Floods on the northwestern side of Kyber Pakhtunkhwa floods have destroyed the main gates of an important water control system located at the Swat river, which is now leading toward Charsadda and Nowshera., stated Sania Safi, the administrator in Charsadda.

She also warned about Pakistan floods that are rising toward Swat and Kabul rivers in the coming days.

As we are all well aware, rainfall is important for irrigating crops and refilling dams and lakes all around Pakistan. But sometimes it brings disruption within. As leaders of Pakistan asked for help from the international fund, the foreign minister of Turkey said that they had sent their team to the Pakistan floods disaster.

The most visited and beloved site, Kalam Valley in Kyber Pakhtunkhwa, is one of the most affected areas by Pakistan floods and heavy rainfall. Floods have washed away entire buildings, mainly including the “Iconic Hotel”.

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The Prime Minister stated that “the magnitude of the calamity is bigger than estimated” after visiting sites in the affected area.

Khushal Wahab, who lives near Nowshera, said how residents are reminded of Pakistan floods, mainly that which happened in 2010 and left nothing to anyone. What is happening today is a much more catastrophic situation.

Khaista Rehman, 55 years old, was in a bad situation as his home in Charsadda was drowned overnight due to Pakistan floods, took shelter with his three children on the side of Islamabad and Peshawar Highway.

He said, “Alhamdulillah, we are safe now on this road because it is quite high from the flooded areas.” He also included, “Though our crops and home are destroyed, I am grateful to Allah that we are safe and He allowed me to start a new life with my beloved sons.”

The unstoppable rainfall affected all four provinces of Pakistan badly. Nearly 300,000 homes have been destroyed, lots of roads have been destroyed; there have been electricity outages, and the number of destroyed homes is still increasing.

The government has also deployed soldiers to help those who are stuck in Pakistan floods. One of the Pakistani Army said that around 22 tourists had been rescued from being trapped in the valley.

Prime Minister Shabaz Sharif also visited victims in the city of Jafferabad in Balochistan and promised to help those who have lost their houses and rebuild their homes for them.

On August 12th, the Pakistan floods cost billions of dollars due to the loss of wheat and sugar crops. As farmers said, half a million tonnes of wheat and sugar have been destroyed till now.

The Finance Minister said Pakistan floods will be increased as it is already moving toward other areas, gross domestic product growth target of 4.5 percent would be missed this year due to Pakistan floods. As recorded, growth was 4.1 percent in the year 2021.

If we talk about damage to rice crops, farmers have estimated that 200,000 tonnes of rice crops have been lost in the Pakistan floods, an estimate which is also supported by Singapore- based trading companies.

Thousands of people who have lost their homes due to floods are now living a miserable life in tents, miles away from their own birthplace, from their hometown, as floods have washed away their entire villages and towns.

Pakistan floods death toll rises to 1000

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