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Pakistan Independence Day is on August 14. What distinguishes Pakistan today from Pakistan yesterday?

Pakistan Independence Day

Pakistan took into existence on 14th August, 1947 after immense struggle and sacrifice on behalf of the Muslims of the sub-continent. Since then the country’s existence and its growth has been a subject of constant struggle. The weak structure and chaotic governance was mocked by others. The survival of this country has been at stake for years. On 14th August.2022, Pakistan marks its 75th Independence Day. This country has come a long way from a struggling system to making its presence strong and powerful.

This country faced a lot of political dilemmas in the beginning. Death of Quaid-e-Azam in the mere years of infancy caused political and administrative disruptions. The constant change of power and shift of position in the first two decades caused the country to become a laughing stock among the international community. Along with that, back to back martial laws were a curse for the political system.

Today, after suffering and surviving the political instabilities, people are aware and understand the importance of democracy. On Pakistan Independence Day people have realized they need to work hard and believe in the country’s strength.  People have stopped considering the Army as a sole institution responsible for the country’s betterment.

They now understand they need to work on the political and judicial structures and let them mature. Yes, even today no Pakistan’s Prime Minister has been able to complete its tenure. The havoc created after the removal of Imran Khan and mature form of opposition by the general people shows that people are aware of their basic rights of expression and also know how and when to properly channel it. This freedom of expression was missing among people in the former years of Pakistan

On Pakistan Independence Day, one can see that economically Pakistan has grown by leaps and bounds. The country that had to fight India to get its share of money from the Reserves bank and establish its economy has survived the economic upheavals quite impressively. From 1947 till 2018 Pakistan’s growth rate was 4.92%.  During the corona outbreak rather impressively, where other developed countries had to struggle to survive Pakistan showed exemplary administrations. Though, at the times of global inflation Pakistan’s growth rate has decreased it is still trying to cope up and run the situation in better ways.

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In the sports arena Pakistan has been moving forward. The news of Arshad Naeem, javelin thrower, receiving gold medal in the commonwealth games some days before Pakistan Independence Day showed that the country is moving in the positive direction. Nooh Dastgir Butt received gold medal in weightlifting competition in the commonwealth along with Shah Hussain who won bronze medal. Along with this Pakistan has been bagging prizes in cricket and hockey fields too. Women football team has also been improving. The former political mess of the football board has been resolved and hopefully things will improve drastically.

Pakistan has been improving in the technological department for years. On Pakistan Independence day people do understand that in order to develop a bridge between academia and industry needs to be developed. Different projects are initiated by the government to work on it. Post-doctoral fellowship programs have been launched that guarantee a job to the concerned person on their return.

A system of grants has been established to promote research. STED (Science and Technology Development) program has been formed between public and private industries to strengthen the technological and industrial bases of the country. Government has realized the importance of IT and biotechnology. New IT universities are made and IT departments are set up in public universities to promote and endorse technological development.

These initiatives are seen as a turning point for Pakistan development in the educational and technological sectors. This will boost the previously neglected industry by leaps and bounds.

Along with this Pakistan is filled with creative people which are being appreciated and being boosted by the government. Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy won the first Oscar for Pakistan. Numerous Pakistani movies have been nominated for academy awards and some have won at regional and international different levels. Arooj Aftab was the first ever Pakistani to win a Grammy. Inside the country a boom of entrepreneurs has been seen. With the provision of the internet and basic knowledge people have started to take up their skill and molded it with their creativity to bring about new products in the international market. This has increased the reputation and acknowledgement of Pakistani talent beyond borders.

With passage of time many things have changed and Pakistan has been progressing in the positive direction but what has remained constant is the love of its people for its country. The recent flooding has shown how the people empathize with one another and step forward to help their fellow Pakistani brothers in times of need. Though the country still lacks in many aspects and needs to be pushed forward its people still believe in its future.

Pakistan Independence Day

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Pakistan Independence Day Pakistan Independence Day Pakistan Independence Day Pakistan Independence Day Pakistan Independence Day

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