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Pakistan’s effort-The OIC Extra ordinary Session was conducted in Pakistan on a scorching Afghan subject of interest


OIC Extra ordinary session, A step to address Afghanistan’s issues.

The General Secretary of the Islamic Cooperative Society, H.E. Mr. Hussein Ibrahim Taha had talks with the Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, H.E. Mr. Imran Khan, on 19 December 2021, next to the 17th OIC extra ordinary session of Ministers, which is held in the capital of Pakistan Islamabad.

Discussion in this OIC extra ordinary session was all about the situation in Afghanistan , and the importance of coordinating efforts to provide assistance and help to the Afghan people, as well as providing emergency support  to achieve safety and constancy.

The stage of approval of Taliban administration has not been completed yet, Pakistani minister of foreign affairs Shah Mehmood Qureshi accept this in OIC extra ordinary session which is organized in Islamabad because Afghanistan faces a lot of crisis in the economic downturn and humanitarian crisis. Pakistan’s statement, which hosted the 17th OIC Extraordinary Session on Sunday, came as breaking news for the government of Afghan Taliban, who has been arguing for months that failing to identify their government will extend economical and Afghanistan tensions. A problem of humanity, which could eventually become a global issue.

The new Taliban authority in Kabul has been accepted by the international community since the terrorist mission in mid-August, halting the financial relief from the United States and other contributors to which Afghanistan depended on them during the 20 years of war. $9 billion dollars funds were also been suspended right after Taliban take over the government. Although the world is still waiting before handing over any official recognition to the new government in Kabul, worrying that the Taliban could set up again a brutal regime similar to that of 20 years ago – despite their assurances.

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International Hopes from Afghanistan:

The international society has high hopes. These hopes include a better government for the people of Afghanistan who provide human rights for all the citizens especially young people, and women whose rights have been severely affected during the Taliban government in time of 1996 until the end of their government in 2001 by US.

Shah Memood Qureshi’s word about Afghan Condition:

In an interview with the Arab news Pakistani minister of foreign affairs said that time has not come for the Afghanistan international recognition. He added that he had talks with Afghanistan leaders about what the international world wants them to do. He informed them to work on the four major issues which include a better political system, to work on human rights and respect them and the most important thing is not to allow any terrorist agency in the country like al-Qaeda and Daesh. International world also want them to make a country safe and make easy system for the people who want to leave the country.

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Comments about OIC extra ordinary session:

Noting on Sunday’s OIC conference, Qureshi stated that he was “delighted to hold” a symposium between Afghanistan’s acting foreign minister Amir Khan Muttaqi and US Special Representative to Afghanistan Tom West, both of whom accompanied the conference. In addition to foreign ministers from Islamic countries, European Union envoys and the P5 + 1 team of the UN Security Council, including the Britain, France, Russia, China and Germany United States, have been invited to the OIC.

Shah Mehmood Qureshi also added that this conference will be an opportunity for the Taliban government to say what they want to say to world, and also for the international community to listen Taliban’s thoughts. “My expectation is that I will draw the attention of the international community through the OIC for all Afghanistan. There is an international problem coming up. ”

Afghanistan’s declining economy, as well as inflation and rising prices, have forced Afghan people to sell their furniture in exchange for food and other necessities.

According to the research of United Nations almost 55% of the population of Afghanistan which is about 23 million people – are facing starvation and 9 million are in danger of malnourishment as winter season starts in a country.

Qureshi also commented that the financial stability is not only the domestic issue of Afghanistan but it will be challenge for the western countries in future if not taken care at right time. The issue which will be on top is the immigration of many migrants for economic stability.

“When things go wrong, I see new refugees coming in. And most of these refugees will be economic immigrants, “said the minister of foreign affairs. “Those economic migrants will not want to settle in Pakistan, Iran, Tajikistan, or Turkmenistan. They will go all the way to Europe. Europe should pay attention to that,” he said, “and the best you have is to ensure peace and stability in Afghanistan.”

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