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Playing Games on a PC without a GPU

For a decade the GPU or a graphic card was the pre requisite or the main requirement to play and enjoy the game with ease and without any lagging interference. Now granted the video games with high specs cannot run without the usage of the GPU, but many individuals are still trying to run it and working on their computers to achieve such a feat.

We can run the games on PC, Laptop or even a smartphones, which became the popular gaming platform in the modern decade and more to come. About 2018 onward “Android, “IOS” or any other system reached its proverbial peak, as it exploded into mainstream infamy, it became the gateway for the casual gamers to enjoy the virtual world.


How to play without GPU?

Clear the temporary files

The temporary documents consist of dump files, program crash dumps and other expendable files should be deleted from the hard drive. When we clear the files than the PC’s exhibition will be expanded significantly and it helps you to run the high specs games without the help of GPU.

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Using 3D analyze

It is a powerful application that allows playing “DirectX” based games by using video hardware. By using this software you can improve the experience of the gaming with ease and proficient. It supports Direct3D, whenever it may enhance the system. According to the following we can install and configure 3D analyze main settings to play games.

Step 1 downloads the software.

Step 2 install and run 3D analyze.

Steps 3 click the preferred option below and choose the exe. file.

Step 4 Now, we can see a list of names, vendorID and deviceID of several graphics cards. Then select any one of those and enter vendorID and deviceID in the column on the left side.

Step 5 now click the select icon and enjoy.

Using Swift Shader

The software is equipped with several useful programing interfaces like DirectX and open GL and the same “API” which are used for existing games and no changes in the source codes.

Check on computer performances

There are different devices that are accessible in windows which give the users website and ratings that whether this game can be run on the device or not. The website can check your device specs and analyze the games with the comparison to the device in which it gives the setting and will tell you what to do.

Razer cortex boost

It improves your device’s performance by managing and removes those apps that you don’t need while playing games. It frees up the valuable resources and RAM needed by intense games and can fix some problems like stuttering graphics and lagging gameplay.

Check your hard disk

Before checking the hard disk we have to close all the apps and running programs so that we can help our pc and the users to enjoy the better gameplay.

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