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Prime Minister Imran Khan answers live complaint calls

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan answered general public live phone calls to respond to the complaints and solve the issues

On Sunday, April 4, the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan took live calls from the general public and answered their complaints. Before starting the session of taking live calls, he addressed the nation and emphasized them to follow precautions to avoid the corona virus.

On Friday, Senator Faisal Javed Tweeted on his official Twitter handle that Prime Minister Imran Khan would answer live phone calls in a second session of “Ap ka Wazir-e-Azam ap k sath” (Your Prime Minister, with you). The whole nation was invited to call the prime minister to complain or discuss their concerns on the number 051-9224900. The telephone calls were broadcasted live on television, radio, and digital media.

Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed the nation before taking live calls. In his address, he forced the nation to wear a face mask and follow the SOP’s (standard operating procedures) to prevent the COVID 19 spread among people. He informed the nation that how fatal the third wave of coronavirus is, and how people across the globe including Pakistan are facing the pandemic. He showed his concern and said that no one knows how long the third wave will last. In his speech he informed the nation that how efficiently the country has controlled the spread of corona among people without complete lockdown; he also admitted that like other countries in the world Pakistan cannot afford a complete lockdown as it affects the poor people most.

            Prime Minister Imran Khan answered the queries of people during a live session with the help of his ministers and advisors. The advisors and ministers were present there to assist him.

            A caller from Islamabad complaint about the price rises on which Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the government is trying to control the hike in prices. He showed his concerns and told that he cannot fight corruption alone. He asked society to play its role in price control. He added that the mafias are involved in the increase of prices in basic supplies needed for daily life.

Prime Minister Imran Khan told the nation that health cards have provided the free of cost treatment to poor people, the government is trying its best to provide health facilities to every class of society.

            Imran Khan, the prime minister of Pakistan declared that the biggest problem of the country is the land mafia. The illegally occupied government lands were supported by the government itself, PTI government has taken the initiative against the land mafia.

            Talking about the decision of importing cotton and sugar, prime minister Imran Khan clarified that the decision was made due to an emergency but later the cabinet of Pakistan decided not to open any doors of business with India as it can hurt the sentiments of the people of Indian Occupied Kashmir.

            At the end of the session, Prime Minister Imran Khan urged the citizens to register complaints at the Pakistan Citizen’s Portal. He urged people to register complaints against the land mafia and hoarders.

            A similar session was done on March 28, during a telethon for the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme. Whereas the other interactive sessions of Prime Minister Imran Khan in the past year were focused on the corona virus and other safety measures to prevent COVID-19.

Prime Minister Imran Khan
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