Friday, March 17, 2023

Pro-Trump March: Ginsberg states that Trump will fail

Pro-Trump March

A long-time Republican election lawyer, Benjamin L. Ginsberg says that it is a mystery that how much failed the followers of Donald Trump would look while supporting him. He expressed his views by keeping in mind the majority of Democratic party in the House as well as the number of Republican senators who have rejected the President’s plea to ignore Constitution. There are enough Republican senators who believe that those who are raising objections cannot overturn the results of the election.

Ginsberg believes that if the supporters of Trump are making these efforts in order to divert the attention of people and authorities towards the President’s case in a convincing manner, they are being dishonest with themselves because of two major reasons. 

First is that the rules of congressional debate make such cases more challenging. In fact, the recent speeches of Trump are a huge evidence that Trump has even no case. Secondly, Electoral Count Act 1887 allows only two hours to a state’s delegations to have discussions which means that each representative or Senator would get only five minutes per state. This time is not enough to discuss the stance.

Therefore, there are extremely low chances that Donald Trump will get success in claiming the States he lost. His efforts will go in vain.

Pro-Trump March
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