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Pros and Cons Of Social Media

The modern world has been globalized far away early. If we talk about its exact date, many scholars say that the globalization process took place in 1492. With the passage of time as we can see that how the things evolve with respect to their environment. Likewise, the process of globalization has been updated when the market has introduced new inventions to get connected and that new marketing tool is Social Media. It is the biggest invention of present time because globally it has connected the whole world. Everyone in the world is on a distance of just one click.

From last some decade social media has made its specific place in the society as now it’s one of the necessity for human beings. Now we feel incomplete without it. Apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and many more are like oxygen to the people especially the youngsters. Millions of pictures, posts and statuses are uploaded on them on a daily basis. Today whether you are eating, traveling or doing anything, the world is looking up to you.

The technology has been advanced a lot but as we know that the “Access of anything is Bad” we can say that it has also many adverse effects over the users and among them one of the most common virus that is spreading rapidly is the Disease of Mental Health. Now here the question arises that;

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What is mental health?   

Mental health refers to a person’s overall psychological and emotional state. It encompasses a wide range of conditions and experiences, from mild mood swings to severe mental illnesses, and can be influenced by a variety of factors including genetics, environment, and lifestyle choices. Maintaining good mental health is important for overall health and quality of life.

Pros and Cons of Social Media

There are numerous factors of social media that are affecting the mental health of an individual that are both positive and negative,

If we look at one side of the picture, we’ll see that social media has played a strong and vital role in changing human life by giving them numerous platforms to connect with others.

  • It leads to the professional growth by giving the people different career opportunities.
  • It has made the life easier to take knowledge. With just one click we can get to know any information about new topics and can be updated about events and news.
  • It promotes creativity and self-expression by providing an outlet so that individuals can share their thoughts and ideas over it.
  • Online businesses has taken a superior role here. Now the biggest investments are taken on social media. Big markets has been established on it such as Facebook, Google, YouTube, Amazon etc.

On the other side, social media has become the most dangerous virus which cannot be prevented through any vaccination.

  • Studies has shown that excessive use of social media can lead to other illness such as depression, anxiety, and a feeling of being alone etc.
  • Negative use of social media is promoting crimes such as Cyber Bullying, online Harassment, pornography etc.
  • There is a difference between reality and appearance and on social media we cannot figure out who is faking out, because the variety is very vast. Most of people are unable to understand this theory so they feel pressure to present their perfect image and ended up being isolated.
  • The addiction and dependence of social media is another factor which is not only affecting the humans psychologically but also destroying the physical health. For example Lack of sleep, Headache, night blindness etc.

Social media in daily life

Although the world has become a global village where every single thing is connected with technology. The developed countries are winning in the race due to the advancement of the technology. Now everything has been digitalized. Social media has become an integral part of modern communication and has significant impact on various aspects of life including social relationships, politics, education, and commerce. The billions of dollar are spending over it and the profit is double.

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Not only for business but for politics as well, the interference of social media is a bit deep in our lives. Addressing the current scenario of Pakistan we would get to know that how different campaigns of political parties are being taken on it. And the result was stunned because in the history of Pakistan’s politics we have never seen such a change like this where the narrative of “personal is political” has become a global hit of today’s time and lots of other big changes has been arose in politics of Pakistan.

In other words the use of social media has made the reserved politics of the country to a front line game. Here twitter and Facebook plays a crucial role. Because of them every single person is now a part of the politics. The sharing of thoughts and ideas of the people has now become a blink of eye thing where one can type a post and share it with billions of people on a click. And it’s not about only one person, the process is keep going in Nano seconds for the whole world.

Despite of having the negative facts. The colorful side of the picture is quite bright. At the end it depends on us to use a thing ethically, because everyone know the right and wrong but at the end the morality matters because that’s where our responsibility takes place. So instead of using this invention negatively we need to grasp the knowledge through it and try to make our position strong in the race of development and technology where unfortunately Pakistan haven’t gone that much far. So that we can also compete and make a place in the market of technology by specifically working over IT departments and focuses over the equipment of technology like other big markets such as USA and China etc.

Social Media

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