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Review of Justice League: Snyder Cut

Zack Snyder’s Justice League or Snyder’s cut is a director’s cut film of the 2017’s Justice League. Stars Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Ray Fisher, Henry Cavill, Ezra Miller, Jason Mamoa, and many more are the ensemble cast. We all heard that how the productions, studio interference, and the family tragedy left this project in shambles, so the studio hired “Avengers” director Joss Whedon to fill the void that the original director left. The 2017’s version of the film met with a negative review from the critics and audience. Fans petitioned for the Snyder’s cut and wait for three years.

With now free of the restrictions from the studio interference, having more runtime about four hours and two minutes to flesh out characters and extended scenes to cover up the plot holes. Shots are in 4:3 aspect ratios that the theatrical version left. Fans were hopeful and excited that what this version brings to the table. Does this version rise up to the hype or fail fans’ expectations? Here is the review on what are the positive aspects, negative aspects, and verdict. The movie is released on “HBO max”.

Positive Aspects

Exploring characters With the Four hour’s version of the film, some characters got enough time to make some impact. “Flash” and “Aqua man” just side roles in the 2017’s version but in Snyder’s cut they got a chance to shine and deliver one of the most pivotal arcs that were essentials. Cyborg was the most important part of this movie, as Snyder described him as the heart and soul of the team. His character arc was left out in the 2017’s version including his origin story, his powers, and his purpose. In this cut he feels that this character is much more important, he is the key to defeat the villain and stop the invasion. The character Darkseid made an impact in the lore and the story narrative of the film, in which his relationship with the antagonist Steppenwolf made the villain important and gave him the motivation to please his master which makes sense.

CGI The “CGI” was improved drastically and it didn’t feel cartoony this time. The effects are much detailed and do not leave any loose end for the viewer watching at home. CGI fixed most of the mistakes of the film including Steppenwolf Armor in which he looks more menacing and a threat to the world than the original. Although from the visual side the product looks more superior and effects don’t look jarring than the theatrical version.

Cinematography The cinematography is top notch in this one. Zack Snyder could be regarded as one of the best visual story teller in modern cinema. Collaborating with cinematographer, Fabian Wagner (the guy behind “Game of throne”), they created visual narrative throughout the movie e.g. “Superman” flying to the space signifying that he is being reborn. The “Knightmare” timeline where the color pallet is used to tell the viewers about danger, the shot used for Lois Lane is black and white means she is coping the loss of “Superman” and at the end of battle, where the team is standing tall at the cooling tower, showing that they are united.

Being true to your roots There’s a difference between “Marvel” and “Dc”. The world of “DC” is dark and grim where it helps characters to be more relatable and vulnerable, but that is what their world represent the dark and gritty aspect are the lore of the story telling. Even though the use of humor was fun for the movie like “Shazam” because of the innocent nature of the theme of a movie but not for this one. This version has removed all the forced and cheesy humor that Joss has added and made it better for the fans for forgotten theatrical excitement.

Review of Justice League
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Negative Aspects

Aspect ratio Most of the fans didn’t like the 4:3 aspect ratio. It really not bad, but this aspect ratio is suited to big screen. This ratio of Snyder’s vision represents dark tone of the movie

Run time The time four hours and two minutes fixed the film but really hampered it. The casual public have problem to watch 3 hour’s film so it would be a huge hindrance for them to watch.

Verdict Justice league Snyder’s cut delivered almost all expectation from the character arcs to the improved CGI and better infrastructure. Is it a magnum opus or a masterpiece? Sure for Zack Snyder it’s his magnum opus but a masterpiece that solidifies itself to be the greatest superhero movie. Though it delivered all aspects but it is not like “Dark Knight” or “Endgame”.

My Ratings: 4/5

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