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Revolution of education system in China leads to become super power

In China, children used to wear headgear when they enter class to monitor the student activity like thinking, what he is doing, the child’s attention is in the lesson, whether he is able to understand the question or not, what is his mood, everything is being recorded in it.

Revolution of Education in China:

The history of Chinese education started back to the 16th century B.C. A traditional technique to attain greater society rank for regular people was to learn faithful, which considered one of the most efficient way. Researchers had to study very hard for government tests because they could only earn a decent government job with high score. It seems that a little of a tradition still exists. Gaokao is now considered one of the most demanding pre-admission tests internationally. Network Higher Education Entrance Examination.

Revolution of education that makes underdeveloped countries developed and brings down developed countries. Education is the greatest tool and power. China is at the forefront of education. In China, students are taught like a robot. Robotics education is being started from children of 7 to 8 years. That’s how revolution of education system in china took place.

In China, a child starts going to school at the age of six. And then receives six years of education. This is called a primary school then children use to stay for three years in middle school. This nine-year education is given to children called compulsory education, which requires all school age children to be educated free of cost. This revolution of education is provided by the government. After that higher education started which also based on financial assistance by the student.

“Learning is as high as the mountains and as wide as the seas. Literally this means “Mountain of Dao, sea of learning”. Dao is a Chinese concept signifying ‘way’ or ‘doctrine’. To become “one with the Dao” is the object of spiritual practice in Chinese Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. Understanding the underlying natural order of the whole Universe that is also described as “achieving Dao” definitely requires the “sea of learning”.”

revolution of education
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Dào shān xué hǎi. 

The monthly fee of private schools in China is 1000 $. This becomes in Pakistan Rs161724.20 per month. High quality education is imparted in these institutions.

They have:

  • Education features
  • Quality education
  • High education
  • Digital class
  • Many scholarships

After 14 years of education, they have to clear Gaokao papers that are the toughest in the world. Through these exams they check the student’s analytic and focusing skills.

Wearing Headgear to the Children

In China, children have to wear headgear when they enter class. This is monitoring their brain. In which, the child is thinking about, what he is doing in the class, the child’s attention is in the lesson, whether he is able to understand the question or not, what is his mood, everything is being recorded in it.

It is then stored in a computer record. The teacher can then easily find out how much the child understands and within 10 minutes this information reaches his parents.

The digital education and headgear provided to students in China makes them focus on analytical skills.

  • Makes them decision makers.
  • Develops lesser sharp focus skill.
  • It forces them to think carefully about a single point.

Education Duration:

China’s education system is based on 8-10 hours, during which students are also provided with the facility to rest either in a school or visit to their homes.

The teacher use “chalk and talk” method in classroom. This method approach is an example of direct instruction; it is when the teacher remains at the front of the students, teaching, learning, controlling classroom activities and managing a disciplined environment. This method has contributed to China’s great success.

Teacher lectures, tutors, or parental help are not enough for students. Memorization remains the powerful methodology and students learn early on that silence and copying main point of lectures are the main keys to success.

The students mostly spend their time in classroom from eight to ten hours. That is a large amount of time. Reaming day they work on homework and learning or taking tuitions. So the method of “chalk and talk” and copying the teacher’s notes are best way for learning.

Chinese proverb:

“If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade; plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people.”

In China’s education system Chinese, mathematics and English are compulsory language others are optional. They give importance to their language and culture.

With so many subject choices in the digital classroom within these schools, the child learns about:

  • Radioactive energy through the world’s toughest exams.
  • Knows about power energy.
  • Biophysics, radio chemistry is all things he learns from school.


Revolution of education system has been running in China for years. And because of this education, China just steps ahead to become a superpower, because China has speeded, efficiency and accuracy in his work.

A big example we have. Within six days, it became a hospital in China, where it is now being upgraded and many facilities are being provided. China is helping the whole world. Chinese government work for generations. That’s why they work speedily and honestly. The educational system in China is a main vehicle for the development of people skills. The Chinese education system enhances the student’s skills and gives priority to education. That is the reason China lead the world now a days. 

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