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Senate Election 2021 Results out: Sadiq Sanjrani is the Chairman Senate

Sadiq Sanjrani defeated Yousaf Raza Gillani and once again has become the Chairman of the Senate as the results of Senate election 2021 are declared

On March 12 at 3PM, the most anticipated Senate Election 2021 to elect the Chairman of Senate and Deputy Chairman Senate took place, conducted by the Senate secretariat officials. Sadiq Sanjarani won the election with 47 votes and has become the Chairman of Senate again.

Session started at 10 AM with the oath ceremony of the newly elected senators of upper house while the voting to elect the new Chairman and Deputy Chairman Senate started at 3 PM and continued till 4:40 PM. After the process of casting vote completed the results were announced by the presiding officer after 5 PM, he declared Sadiq Sanjarani the new chairman of senate. Sanjarani won with 7 votes against Yousaf Raza Gillani who got 44 votes while 7 votes were rejected due to wrong stamping.

The process of voting for Senate election 2021 started as the senators started casting their votes in an alphabetical order. The first vote was casted by Abdul Ghafoor Haideri, also the candidate for the seat of Deputy Chairman Senate from the joint opposition side while Mirza Muhammad Afridi was representing the government for the nomination of deputy chairman. The second vote was casted by Hafiz Abdul Karim. Voting stamp was changed after every 25 votes.

Sherry Rehman from opposition demanded to turn the cameras off inside the Upper house while polling whereas the government senators stood up from their seats in protest on this demand. Before that Maryam Nawaz has alleged the government to ask the members of PDM to not vote for the joint opposition while Imran Khan shared his concerns regarding the malpractices in Senate election 2021 via Twitter.

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Senate Election 2021
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