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Sindhi Language Steps toward Digitization

Sindhi Language Steps toward Digitization

One of the oldest languages of the world – Sindhi – is now going to be digitized for its preservation by the efforts of Google and Standford University under the venture of Universal Dependencies (UD), which started in 2005.

In May 2020 Sindhi – one of the oldest languages in Pakistan – was selected for digitization by Standford University for its joint project with Google. Previously, Urdu was selected as a language from India but Sindhi is one of the 1000 languages selected from Pakistan.

This project is a way to preserve endangered languages around the globe. The United Nations (UN) states that 43% of the 6000 languages are endangered. Sindhi, as part of the Indus Civilization, should be preserved from getting extinct.

Dr. Dootio says that the digitization process of Sindhi will be completed in the coming 10 years and that it will be available for 15o tree banks online. Furthermore, Sindhi will stand in a place with English to be one of the languages that are completely digitized.

UNESCO heritage site found scriptures of Sindhi language from Mohenjodaro, Sindh. These scriptures are under study by historians for decoding before the digitization process begins, says Professor Dr. Muhammad Ali Manjhi, chairman of Sindhi Language Authority. World Mapper in the U.K. states that 24 million people speak Sindhi in nine territories.

The steps to preserving cultures – including languages – from around the world is necessary for studying the humans, civilizations, and their historical backgrounds.

What should be the role of Pakistan’s government in this regard?

How can the institutes and government facilitate the researchers involved in this project?

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