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Snowboarding Championship in Malam Jabba grabbed the Attention of Tourists

Snowboarding Championship in Malam Jabba

Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Culture and Tourism Authority (KPCTA) jointly with Samson Group of companies organized a three-day snowboarding championship in Malam Jabba from 22nd – 24th January 2021. It remained the focus of many local and international tourists. Players from France, Belgium, Pakistan, and Afghanistan took part in the winter sport. There were around 44 international and national players who not only enjoyed the championship but also appreciated the food and music festival arranged for them. Both men and women players showed enthusiasm in participating in the Snowboarding championship and visiting Malam Jabba, KPK Pakistan. A similar event was organized by KPK Tourism Department last year that encouraged more Pakistani young winter sport players to participate in these sports.

In both men and women’s parallel slalom, Pakistani players won the gold medal whereas, Belgium won all three medals in the men’s international snowboarding competition. Achieving wins in these winter sports that are new to Pakistan’s region is a big feat. With a little more effort and practice, there is no doubt that these national players can compete in other international Snowboarding championships.

Snowboarding Championship
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Pakistan is known for its scenic beauty in the world. Many foreigners visit Pakistan to enjoy the beauty and culture of this region. However, due to a lack of events and activities, it is difficult to grasp the attention of tourists more than once or twice. Since the government is trying to revitalize tourism in Pakistan, it is highly important to organize such events to attract tourists from all over the world. These yearly events will attract local and international tourists to these areas of Pakistan.

The international players that participated in the Snowboarding championship this year expressed their gratitude for the warm welcome from the government, authorities, and locals of the area. The event was a good opportunity for showing the peaceful and rich culture of Pakistan to these European players in the hope that this will encourage other international players and tourists to visit Pakistan more. Moreover, the international experienced players expressed their awe for Pakistani players who are new to these sports and without any proper training have excelled in the sport to participate in these events.

Winter sports is new in Pakistan and national players need to learn a lot in these disciplines. Events like these will encourage national players to invest their efforts in these sports, instead of taking it just as a hobby. The international players, who are into these winter sports for years can teach new techniques to Pakistani players consequently, Pakistani players can participate in more international competitions that are held in various parts of the world. Moreover, these events provide foreign tourists to visit Pakistan and enjoy the scenic beauty and adventurous activities. Therefore, arranging these events is important for promoting tourism and Pakistani players on an international level.

According to you, what other such events can be held in Paksitan to promote Pakistani culture and tourism?

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