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Super Human vs Traditional Human

We are living in the golden era of technology innovation, where it is improving the standard of living in today’s modern world. As the dependence of technology increases so we are closer to live in a “Science-Fiction” genre. Movies gave us thought provoking questions that “What happens if mankind creates Artificial Intelligence Program”? Or “What happens if humans are not careful on what they are doing”? Movies like critical acclaimed “Terminator” and “Blade Runner” have the message of destructive nature of machines and artificial intelligence on how they can take over the humanity. It can go on two ways, like in these two movies in “Terminator” machines are destroying organic life but in “Blade Runner” the androids wants to learn “what it’s like to be human”? Or “what is the meaning of life”?

There have been a countless fictions across the media about Super Human or Androids. Like in movies, video games, animations, novels and comics the technology has bridged the gap ever closer to the science and now fiction has become the reality. Super Human are still early way of development, since it is difficult to develop the neurons. The companies like Apple, Google, or even countries like Japan are developing Artificial Intelligence and robots, also working on the augmented reality and virtual reality and holograms to replace the outdated items that used in past years.

There has been a concept of this battle between the humans and machines or “Super Human vs Traditional Human” that how they are going to replace jobs from human. The technology has become more advanced and we also depend on technology to improve our standards of living. Without technologies, the life has become so difficult. Superhuman can do all tasks like constructions, sewages, or even bomb disposal squad. The point is that the change is going to happen and trends will shape the life of infrastructures. A hundred years from now on there are some chances that we shall be living in the cyberpunk era where humans and androids will co-exist and will be working side by side. The mediocre jobs will be taken over by machines and even in the medical fields where the operations will be done by an android surgeon.

Super Human vs Traditional Human
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Companies like “Google” leading the charge with Artificial Intelligence and Robotics department, the line between fiction and reality maybe blurred, the company has tested the robot or home assistant holding a conversation between Human and Artificial Intelligence. It is still in progress but there are some concerns that what happens if machines will become like us? As I said earlier it can goes in two ways, first, it will replace or learn humanity and will appreciate life, and it can learn emotions and asks questions about lots of things. According to the creator of the video game, “Detroit becomes Human” he has to say, “it is more subtle than a threat to humans” means that machine with human emotions are less threat to the humanity than Terminator-Esque Machines. But the human brain is more complicated than we think and machines can only learn rather to destroy. It may follow the 3 laws of robots as it states:

  1. Robots should not harm any humans.
  2. Robots should listen to instruction given by humans.
  3. Robots should avoid all actions that can harm others.

There are many critics about the machines including billionaire Elon Musk who told us that Artificial Intelligence can take over the mankind within next 5 years. As it comes to intelligence the “Artificial Intelligence” is showing the remarkable learning capacity and intelligence surpassing far more than the “Human”. In an interview to the New York Times, Elon Musk said that he believes in the situation that “Artificial Intelligence” is getting smarter and is evolving at an alarming capacity. So according to him, if we are not careful we can lose it and all the system will become aware and will carry out purge that we never seen before.

We can say that we became dependent on technology so there should be some limits and boundaries in some inventions that could define humanity. Humans and androids or Super Human can co-exist and we are going to work together side by side to make the world peaceful. The machines like us needs to learn humanity or meaning of life so there’s no evidence that machines could overtake us but we ought to be careful on what we are dealing with, so everything would be fine.

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