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Superstring Theory: How many Dimensions exists?

The world we know is composed of the common three dimensions length, breadth and height, but there has been question raised in the mind of physicists about the possibilities of dimensions. There is a theory that explores this phenomenon into further beyond our imagination, the theory is called superstring theory. Superstring theory explains all the dimensions and parallel universe theory. It is also called the theory of everything which explains the sheet of electrons, photons and the gravity of the earth, anyhow, the theory explains different dimensions which maybe 10 or 11.

To break it down dimensions is simply the diverse sides of what we see in the reality. It is the theory which explains that all the forces are singular constant where we see the result of the vibrating strings. It is said to be that when two protons collide together they form the ability to create a tiny spectrum called black hole that would exists just for the fraction of second. However the collision will open the rift in which law of physics will be totally different from this dimensions which is called vacuum decay.

Superstring Theory
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According to the theory of everything there are at least 10 dimensions or maybe more, beyond these scientist believes many more dimension are yet to be discovered. These different theory aspects are what govern the changes of the fundamental forces of nature that shape the universe and all the particles which present in it.

The first 3 dimensions are common x, y and z axis mean they are just length, breadth and height. These three dimensions or 3D gives all the sense of area and the cross section which has been covered all sides of the object. The example is that of the cube which has three dimensions, the length, width, and height. Beyond these, seven more dimensions which haven’t been researched by scientists but it is just a theory that how we can perceive it.

According to the scientists the fourth dimension is time itself, which governs the properties of matter and energy. The concept of time is essential to complete balance of universe and the positions. The fifth dimension explains the idea of the endless possibilities in which we could see the world slightly different from our perspective or point of view.

The sixth dimension will explain possibilities where we would compare the ideas of all possible explanations like big bang theory and you can explain the big bang theory or simply the meaning of life or you could invent time travel.

In the seventh dimension you will have to access the initial conditions of the possible world and dig-out the beginning of time.

The eighth dimension gives us the archive of the history and has the infinite possibilities.

With the ninth dimension we can compare all the universal histories and ideas with different laws and conditions.

The final dimension or tenth dimension, we shall arrive at the possible conclusion that everything is possible.

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