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Sweet hypocrites of climate sustainability

When it comes to environmental sustainability, we think of many reputable countries: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Canada, Switzerland, UK, Finland and many others. But it’s not always look like what we think of. Actually some of the above mentioned like Canada, Norway and United Kingdom are not real champions.

Former president (Donald Trump) of United States of America insistingly on many occasions said that the care for climate sustainability was just a hoax. So it is not a surprise to know about the real hypocrites of environment, but unfortunately they are considered heroes.


chose an administration that accepts the environment emergency is genuine and hazardous – and in light of current circumstances, since the country’s Arctic regions give it an unparalleled view to the quickest warming on Earth. However the country’s leaders appear likely in the next few weeks to favor a tremendous new tar sands mine which will pour carbon into the environment through the 2060s.


A nation of renewable energy: its street lights get dim when nobody is around, two third of the new cars sold in its capital are electric and even a highway is made for bees.

But there is only one issue. Most of its ecological advancement that Norway is so proud of is come from oil industry. Since Norway, apart from being a ground breaking environment champion is likewise a significant non-renewable energy sources exporter. What’s more, it intends to keep that route for quite a while to come.


UK is at top spot when it comes to fighting against climate change. a representative from the UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, told CNN. “We were the first significant economy to enact for net zero emanations by 2050, and have cut discharges by 43% since 1990 – the best in the G7

Actually any government can make these cases, in light of the fact that under international agreement, every nation is just answerable for ozone depleting substance emissions delivered inside its domain. That implies the UK, Canada, Norway and others don’t have to stress over the emissions brought about by the copying of their oil, gas and coal in different spots around the globe.

Numerous nations produce petroleum products in spite of resolving to battle environmental change. However, Canada, Norway and the UK are doing that while situating themselves as climate champions.

Sweet hypocrites
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