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Technological Birds of Pakistan, the Joint Venture JF-17 Thunder

Technological Birds of Pakistan

In 1995, Pakistan’s venture with China inked a memorandum to start a new fighter jet F-17 which is later called JF-17 thunder. The advanced technology of the JF-17 thunder is a mixture of the West China’s technology which is used in this bird is 4-plus-generation fighter jet with single-engine, the JF-17 thunder newly developed jointly by the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC), and the Chengdu Aircraft Corporation (CAC) of China.

Pakistan Air Force (PAF) inducted double–seat variant in a single-engine JF-17 thunder last year in 2020, PAF already used JF-17 thunder related to a single-seat variant ever since induction in PAF. Joint Fighter JF-17 thunder fighter jet is a Multirole fighter jet with a maximum speed of Mach 1.6 (1975 kmph), with a maximum takeoff weight of 12,383 kg. JF-17 is using a Klimov RD-93 afterburning turbofan engine and has a 49.4 kN dry thrust and 85.3 kN with an afterburner, JF-17 thunder has a length of 14.93 m and a wingspan of 9.48 m.

Technological Birds of Pakistan JF-17 thunder carries air-to-air and air-to-surface missiles, laser-guided bombs, and China’s Airborne Pulse-Doppler fire-control Radar on-board. The maximum T/W (thrust to weight ratio) of JF-17 thunder is 0.84:0.95, besides; it has Sustained Turn Rate (STR) of JF-17 thunder is 14.4 degrees per second with Instantaneous Turn Rate (ITR) of JF-17 thunder is 24.4 degrees per second. JF-17 thunder’s radar is KLJ-7 (can be improved in coming blocks 2, and block 3), having a detection range of 105 km. JF-17 thunder has an in-service life of 4000 flying hours. However, in the next block 3 AESA radars will be used for a better approach of the joint fighter jet to perform even better. Additionally, this fighter jet is also used by other countries including Myanmar, and Nigeria, these countries are also interested in the forthcoming JF-17 thunder block 3. Just not these countries but Srilanka is also showing interest in this aircraft as well.

The Aerodynamics of the aircraft is using a Bifurcated side air inlet with the incorporation of the latest BUMP intake technology for improved performance, which helps to enhance maneuverability of the aircraft. The weapon’s capability of this aircraft is firmly enhanced, it can use 70-100 km beyond visual ranged (BVR) missiles technology. Technological Birds of Pakistan is equipped with a modern weapon management system combined with precise delivery approaches, and a flight control solution system with minimum piolet workload, it is well-appointed with highly agile imaging infrared short-range missiles, air to air and air to sea missile, anti-radiation missiles, laser-guided weapons, runway penetration bombs, general-purpose bombs, training bombs, 23 mm double-barrel gun included.

Technological Birds of Pakistan JF-17 thunder, the pride of Pakistan, is an advanced lightweight fighter jet that can easily work in bad weather or on a dark night. It has the world ranking of number 11, and the capability to face Russian Mig-29, SU-30, and Indian HAL Tejas, Mig-21. Moreover, its upcoming block 3 has the capability to beat F16 block 52 in technology which is made by Lockheed Martin America. It has a low maintenance cost owing to the single engine.  

Technological Birds of Pakistan
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