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The Causes and Effects of Brain-Drain on Economy of Pakistan

Pakistan a hard yet a marvelous country to explore, it is one of the most fertile country containing a land, full of mineral resources and big glaciers in its northern areas, the Eastern side(Central Punjab) contains the land of gold (rich in fertile soil), major crops such as wheat, rice, sugarcane and cotton are located here. A land having a mine of salt known as Khewra mine. The southern part (Sindh) is carrying the rich deposits of copper, iron, chromite, lead and zinc in a massive quantity, also it has a major mine of coal located in Thar. In southwest part. Reko Diq is a large copper and gold deposit representation of the district Chaghi, Baluchistan. After the general description, let’s head to a deeper ground to see why Pakistan has a significant position in the global world and how the brain-drain is vanishing its significance.

Pakistan flood history since 2010 effecting lives and economy badly

Geographical significance

 A country having four different seasons through-out the year. Discussing the geographical structure, it lies in the region which has great military, political and economic importance. Due to its strategic location it plays a crucial role in global politics as well.

By means of population, Pakistan lies on fifth-number which means it is equivalent to 2.87% of world’s population. Approximately 70% of the population is considered to be young in Pakistan. Talking about the rivers, Pakistan has five main rivers (River Ravi, River Sutlej, River Indus, River Jhelum and River Chenab). The River Indus is the world’s fourth largest irrigation system.

Pakistan is known as the home of highest three mountain ranges (The Karakoram, The Himalayas and The Hindu-Kush).This country contains massive deep sea-port. Talking about the culture, Pakistan is a place of multi-culture, people from different traditions live here, and this is the beauty of Pakistan. It’s a “bouquet containing different species of flowers”.

Despite of having all the equipment in a country, unfortunately we are going towards an economical disaster day by day. Now here the question arises that why a majority of the population (youth) is leaving the country, Instead of working in the country they prefer to study and work in developed countries.

It all happens when the brain-drain theory takes place. Brain drain refers to the emigration or outflow of skilled and educated individuals from one country to another, usually due to better employment or educational opportunities, higher salaries, or a better quality of life in the destination country. This phenomenon can have negative effects on the country of origin, as it can result in a loss of talent and a brain drain of skilled workers, which can hinder economic growth, reduce innovation, and cause a shortage of qualified professionals in certain sectors. Brain drain can also contribute to social and political instability in the country of origin, as well as brain gain in the receiving country.

Addressing the intellectual pool here is a statistical graph which will show that how from last some decades there’s a majority of students that were shifted to UK frequently in search of better education and opportunities.

Economy of Pakistan
Economy of Pakistan
  • Drivers of Causes of Brain Drain in Pakistan

There are some major grounds that are driving this brain-drain game crazily.

  1. Corruption
  2. Meritocracy
  3. Rule of law

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  • Corruption

The root cause of this disease is Corruption, after taking the loans in dollars the process starts taking place. The loan which is taken for the betterment of the country eventually becomes the pain in neck. Till now Pakistan is struggling to repay the debt taken in the past.

Up until now, Pakistan’s brain drain has also been attributed to poor leadership. Looking up over political history, there has typically been a rivalry between various political groups. Their struggle to advance their interests slows progress in a variety of areas, education is prominent among them.

Pakistan since its inception has been facing the problem of deficit in collection of tax and resultantly the government has to borrow loans both internally and internationally. Further, due to lack of available resources, there is always a shortage in kitty for the government to spend money on the welfare of its citizens.

“Hence the brain will go there, where the stolen capital goes through money laundering.”

Behind the picture, there is a deep propaganda going on. The invested capital that has been stolen send to the developed countries like United-states and Middle-east (Dubai) through money laundering, and the money which was meant for the investment over education and jobs that were supposed to be created in Pakistan are eventually created over there.

Thus no much budget left for the jobs here in Pakistan, that’s why the people of Pakistan goes there in search of jobs. And it’s not a 3-4 digit number, here we are discussing millions of dollars that has been stolen and sent to these countries through (hawala hundi) or smuggling for “money laundering”.

  • CPI Ranking
Economy of Pakistan

The Corruption Perception Index (CPI) is an annual index published by Transparency International that ranks countries and territories based on the perceived levels of public sector corruption. CPI reported that among the list of least corrupted states Pakistan is on 140th position from 180 countries in 2021

  • No Meritocracy

Another major reason is “No Meritocracy.” There is no such respect for the people who are highly talented and capable. Instead of the meritocracy, there is value of money, strong background connections and reprobation. Pakistan has become the market of negotiation, where one with a tag of high references can easily have a job or opportunity in any field of work.

There are lack of opportunities for those people who are from middle or lower background that’s why they prefer to migrate abroad to make their life better.

According to the recent survey of emigration of students from Pakistan 2022, approximately 765,000 students are migrated from the country. Brain-drain has somehow become a contagious disease which is rapidly murdering the skilled and intellectual talent of a country by shifting them to the other countries. The deficiency of skilled labor leads to the shortage of currency.

  • Rule of Law

Addressing the current situation, there are millions of cases where we can see that there is no justice present in this country. It has become a lifetime process to get justice. The law is different for rich and poor. Many people gave their lives but unfortunately didn’t get the justice. The sentiments of the people are hurt and thus they have no other option left but to take the decision of leaving this country.

Economy of Pakistan

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