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The government of Pakistan would provide No Objection Certificates (NOC) for the import of 3D printers

The 3D printer has somewhat became the difficult topic for a debate and wrongfully so, while most countries works very hard to promote the usage of 3D printers by the regulatory policies and adding the technologies to their education institutes. Pakistan have taken the different route by banning this contraption and the main reason being the ammunition and weapons can be manufactured easily by using the 3D printer. Anyone wishing to import this state of the art technology must first get the no objection certificate (NOC) from the Government. Just like crypto currency was banned the printer also faced a lot of criticism and because if this our legislation and institutes find it very difficult to draw any positive conclusion to the 3D printer that would have been so beneficial to the economy of the country.

3D printers
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What is 3D printer?

It is the manufacturing technology that uses the techniques by which the stream of material is precisely squeezed out the layers and built up 3D image. It is one of the most useful technologies and has been said to be potentially large by “Financial Times” and other media sources. Companies from all over the world are finding this application for the manufacturing technique in industries like construction, automotive, education, medicine, and art.

Pakistan would provide No Objection Certificates (NOC) for the import of 3D printers

The application for NOC has been made on the prescribed form along with the affidavit to make sure that the people won’t use this contraption for building the illegal firearms and ammunitions. In addition the applicant needs to provide his/her CNIC, national tax number (NTN), details for technical literature and specification for the import, port entry and the details of the products to be used. In case of a company, it also needs to submit its registration certificate, company profile and details of the CEO and board members.

And in the case of expiration or the damaged parts of the 3D printers you may have apply NOC for the replacements again. The validity of NOC has the time period which shows that it is time bound document.

The process of buying the 3D printer takes longer time, the estimation of the process is up to 3 to 6 months. On submitting the documents no receipt, no reference numbers is given and has to proactively follow up the procedures that are required for the documentation to buy the printer.

After the issuance of the NOC the printer reaches the port where the authorities seek confirmation from the Interior Ministry. Meanwhile the importer has to bear the storage charges. For a new NOC, importer has to follow the exact same process every time. Because of this cumbersome process, he claims, gray imports are being encouraged.

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