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The metaverse will be the next big breakthrough in the Internet’s evolution

Metaverse is the term that is buzzing around in the tech world. In the field of technology Metaverse is the next big breakthrough that would shape the future of the coming world. What emerged from a fiction novel is now called as the reality of the future. This would take people beyond the realms of physical world into the virtual world.  Metaverse as the next big breakthrough has the potential to change the way people interact with one another and most probably change the basic structure of the society.


What is Metaverse?

In 1992, an American writer Neal Stephenson first coined the word “Metaverse” in his novel, Snow Crash. In his novel he created a 3d virtual world where real world people were found in their avatars and interacted with one another.

This fictional idea is now slowly being converted into a reality. Until now virtual reality existed only in prospects of video games but efforts are being made to convert it into 3d real life virtual space where people can meet, interact, play, hike, party and do anything that is possible in the real world.

Though, this exists in theory only but it is thought that Metaverse as the next big breakthrough would sooner be the norm of the world. Since it does not require the physical virtual presence, this would make it easier for people to interact with one another and reach out to far off events.

This would help people to connect with friends and family members without any limitation normally imposed by the real physical world. Like in April 2021, Travis Scott had a virtual concert in the game Fortnite. Over 27.7 million people participated in the concert making it a massive hit and outlining the changing times.

Since Metaverse is called as the next big breakthrough in the internet world, the huge tech firms and investors are focusing on its development. No one wants to be left behind in establishing the new realities of the world.

Though the idea has been circulating for quite a long time and tech firms have been working around it for several years, it has become significantly popular after the recent announcement by the Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook was going beyond the social media platform and would use virtual and augmented reality to develop new way of interaction for people already obsessed with the social apps. With this the Facebooks parent company has rebranded itself and changed its name to Meta. It has changed its logo which is now an infinity loop which signifies the intention of Mark Zuckerberg to stay relevant and adopt according to pace of changing world.

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How much has the Metaverse world developed?

To achieve the proper Metverse environment companies need to develop on seven stages. These stages form the basic backbone and infrastructure of the Metaverse ecosystem. These include stages like areas of networking, user interface, coding and creating of virtual environments. To create virtual, augmented and a mixed reality experience it is necessary to intermix 3D graphics, geospatial information in this extended reality system.

Though this technology is developed in certain phases, it still requires development and experimentation on certain levels. That means it has a long time to achieve the kind of ecosystem that is anticipated. But the current development in Metaverse shows a promising prospect as the current Metaverse system includes elements like live concerts and digital asset buying and selling system. This indicates the existence of a comprehensive virtual experience.

Fortnight game and Rob lox are prime examples that show the advancement and development in the field of metaverse. This is also not just about games. Facebook (Meta) has been working around and creating virtual reality apps like Horizons and Workplace, where the latter is a social space and latter is an app for virtual meetings.

Increase in career opportunity due to Metaverse

Metaverse as the next big breakthrough would also bring out many job and career opportunities. This would generate jobs for creative, scientific people as it would for technology nerds. Jobs like Avatar clothing designer, Meta human architects, Meta human doctors, Meta event planners or coordinators, Meta safety managers and many more would be arise in the vast endless kingdom of Metaverse.

Evolving issues for the develpoing Metaverse world

Though the world of Metaverse as next big breakthrough would bring about new opportunities and upscale the standard of living but it would come with its own fair share of problems also. The evolving problem for the Metaverse would be the protection of security and data privacy of people since users would have to give away a huge chunk of their personal information. This means that their personal security would be at stake in case of any data breach.

The companies involved would have to take additional care in this regard. This also pin points the criticism faced by the Facebook (Meta) that declared it would move ahead of the smartphone’s screens towards virtual reality. People were concerned about the use and exploitation of their personal information.

New cyber security laws would have to be established and the large scale businesses would have to develop new strategies to fit in according to the new issues that would emerge in Metaverse world.

The world of Metaverse is clearly the next big breakthrough in the world of internet. Though, it comes from the world of fiction but the efforts made to change the current reality are significant. With the pace the tech firms and investors are involved in bringing this world into reality is commendable. But the formation of a new world would not only change the social structure but also bring about its own challenges and the world has to be vary of those changes.


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