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The Parizaad drama series will be remembered as one of Pakistan’s CLASSICS! This is a legendary play of 2021

Parizaad drama | A master piece in an Era of so called love stories

As television continues to entertain people with dramas but most of them have the same content of old love stories and love triangle. But hum television produces an astounding project Parizaad with different plot explaining flaws of our society. This story is written by Hashim nadeem in 2014.

Parizaad drama is the story of the boy with black complexion who faces a lot of difficulties in society just because of his complexion. We have seen that our society has parameters to measure beauty like fare color and good height and many more things. Parizaad is not attractive at all in these parameters made by society. So he struggles throughout his life to gain love and acceptance from society. In all these struggles Parizaad finds peace in poetry and he starts writing his thoughts and emotions into words.

Now come toward Parizaad drama story, Parizaad (Ahmed Ali Akbar) was born in a middle class family with a very dark complexion. Her mother named him as a Parizaad which means son of fairy. In society black colors means ugliness so Parizaad was trolled throughout his life because his name contrary with his looks.

Parizaad works and study at the same time but his family is not satisfied by his income so he starts giving tuition to a girl name Naheed who lives in her neighborhood. Things get tuned when Naheed (Ushna Shah) uses him to hide his secret affair with a boy Majid. He feels humiliated in front of the whole society and dis heartedly went to railway station to attempt suicide. He meets a guy name Ahmed there and they both become best friends. He helps parizaad in poetry and expresses his feelings through his words. But still people could not accept him because of his dark skin.

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He lost many things because of his skin. He fell in love with a girl name lubna but again could not get her because of empty pockets. She gets married to a rich guy. Again the same thing happens he met with a girl name bubbly which is a tom boy. She also gets married and he left bare handed with all his inferiorities.

After that Parizaad starts working in a vehicle work workshop of ustaad mastana who loves poetry. Parizaad sell his poetry to ustaad Mastana and went to Dubai and starts living with cousin of ustaad.

There he starts working as the bodyguard of behroz Ibrahim who is considered as don of dubai. Thing get a big turn when behroz”s wife cheated on him and police arrest behroz and he gives all his money to parizaad and advise him to return to Pakistan. Now the things change. People behavior toward Parizaad change as he has a lot of wealth in his hand.

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He starts helping all the people who are poor and can’t afford their wishes. In the latest episode there is a twist with entry of another girl name quratulain(yumna zaidi) which is shown as the fan girl of parizaad .but she is blind. Now in the next episodes it will be seen that how things changes in parizaad life.

So far Parizaad is having a highest TRP. The reason is Parizaad’s unique plot and its extra ordinary script. Parizaad’s dialogs connect with the viewer’s heart because it shows the brutal reality of society that appearance in everything and your talent and soft heart do not matter if you do not have a fair skin.

Another thing we see in Parizaad that the middle class people has to struggle a lot to meet their expenses it is not easy as it is seen in other serials. You have to struggle for the survival leaving behind all the harsh comments of people. Parizaad drama is a classic serial with the best reality touch and a lot of lessons inside it.  Actors have performed outstanding Ahmed Ali akbar performed so well and bring a soft hearted and humble personality of Parizaad.

Parizaad drama
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