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The Qatar World Cup 2022 tournament will begin one day sooner than expected

Qatar World Cup 2022

The opening of FIFA, the Qatar World Cup 2022, will happen a day earlier than already scheduled, with the host nation facing Ecuador in the opening match on Sunday, November 20th.

The opening match of the Qatar World Cup 2022 was decided to see Senegal face the Netherlands at 1 pm, i.e., 10 am GMT on Monday, November 21st. Still, as it is happening earlier, now it will take place at 7 pm, i.e., 4 pm GMT on the same date at Al Bayt Stadium.

The very first plan was for the Qatar World Cup 2022 opening ceremony to be held before Qatar’s match against Ecuador. However, an unusual situation happened between these two, and as a result, matches will be held before the ceremony, which has already created a lot of statements because normally the ceremony is conducted before the first game of the tournament.

The plan for Qatar World Cup 2022, FIFA was fully supported by the votes of the heads of FIFA’s six regional confederations and president Gianni Infantino but due to late notice most likely expected to win heads’ support.

A Qatar World Cup 2022, FIFA statement released on Thursday included: “The decision followed an assessment of the competition and operational implications, as well as a thorough consultation process and an agreement with key stakeholders and the host country.

“The release period, as previously decided and as governed by the Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players, will remain unchanged, beginning on 14 November 2022.

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“Ticket holders will be duly notified by email that the relevant matches have been rescheduled and their tickets will remain valid irrespective of the new date/time.

Group A of the tournament will match Senegal vs the Netherlands and the group B match between England and Iran was to likely take place before the Ceremony on Monday.

The Qatar World Cup 2022, changes to the November 20th opening ceremony, and the game between Senegal versus the Netherland match will likely allow them to play which is scheduled at 13:00 local time on November 21st and kick off later in the day.

The match between United stated and Wales also unaffected.

Another source claims related to fans did not have to pay for any changes to flights or accommodation because of changes made by FIFA, the Qatar World Cup 2022.

“The financial impact to fans has been assessed and any additional costs to fans will be absorbed by organizers, but it is unclear who will bear these costs, whether it is FIFA Qatar World Cup 2022, Qatar’s Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, or another entity,” stated by the source.

“There will be an assurance from organizers that any additional costs for fans to change travel bookings or accommodation won’t be borne by them and this will be assessed on a case- by- case basis,” the source added further.

It was not clear what steps will be taken to compensate the fans.

The Qatar World Cup 2022 is also the first ever Worldcup to be happening in the whole Middle East which is very exciting for the fans living in the middle east, who are feeling proud of the steps taken by the Country to make the tournament to its best. Like an Islamic, Qatar set rules like banning LGBTQ slogans and The official Qatar World Cup 2022 FIFA World Cup booking website deleted the name Israel and replaced it with occupied Palestinian territories. Normally, the football event happens to start around the start of July, but due to the extremely hot summertime, Qatar decided to hold its first tournament of Qatar World Cup 2022 in November.

Qatar World Cup 2022

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