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The stage of KPL is now ready, let’s see how this league creates a positive image of Pakistan and Kashmir in particular

The people of Kashmir (both sides of the LOC) had been victims of frayed relations between the countries which are internationally considered as the immense and worst enemies. (Pakistan and India). People of both sides of LOC have paid price of their enmity by sacrificing the lives of their loved once. But now a big breakthrough has been observed by signing a pact of seize fire between both countries. This pact for peace brings a lot of positive changes and opportunities for the people of Kashmir especially for the youth.

Kashmir premier league (KPL) is one of those opportunities.  This T20 cricket format would be a great opportunity for the youth of Azad Kashmir as the youth of that region is obsessed with different games but unfortunately the opportunities are quite confined. Now this young talent would not be alleviated anymore rather this talent of youngsters would lead them to mainstream. In this way this KPL Draft Cricket would help in looming up new talent for the national cricket team.

KPL draft initially presents six regional team including, Mirpur Royals, Overseas Warriors, Bagh Stallions. Rawalakot Hawks, Muzaffarabad Tigers and Kotli Lions. This draft comes up with new young talent belonging from Kashmir, Pakistan and overseas Kashmiri.

Another significance of the forthcoming mega event is that if these matches are held in the stadiums of Azad Kashmir than it is going be a major source of promoting tourism in Azad Kashmir. As Kashmir is known for its beauty and often called “Kashmir Jannat Nazeer”. People will see this “Jannat Nazeer” with their own eyes. The league which is to be started from 6th to 17th August will attract the people not only from Pakistan but it will attract the people living outside from Pakistan.

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Both the government of AJ&K , Pakistan government and the PCB played their part to make these events special and successive, chairman Kashmir committee Mrs. Shehryaar khan affridi  while addressing to the KPL management said that the KPL will soon become a voice of Kashmiri either they are living on this side or the other side of LOC.

This draft will spread the peace and harmony. Both governments deserve the great appreciation for conducting this event. He further added, “the soul message of this cause is to convey the message to the world that we (people of Kashmir) can compete with the best of the best and have ability to prove our worth” moreover he said that this game will help in making the people come close to the world, so that the world could recognize us.

No doubt, Pakistan and government of Azad Jammu & Kashmir has a great intention to populate the deserted and abandoned stadiums of Kashmir. The government of Pakistan is making its effort to bring a peaceful and evergreen Kashmir in front of the whole world.

The time when the world is watching what is being done in occupied Kashmir by the Indian government this is the suitable time to come up with good activities to show to the globe what positive progress is underlying in Azad Kashmir.

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