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Trains Collided in Sindh, Kills many

Two passenger trains collided near Daharki, a city located in the Ghotki district of upper Sindh

On Monday, a disastrous collision between two trains in Sindh’s Ghotki killed as many as 63 passengers while more than 100 have been injured, some of them are in critical condition. The unfortunate accident took place between two express trains after coaches of one train derailed and fell across the opposite track.

Rescue teams reached the spot after few hours of the incident reported and started rescuing people. However, it has been reported that more than 50 people are dead including four railway employees while SSP of Ghotki Umar Tufail fears that the death toll might increase as there are compartments that are not rescued despite passing hours. Dead bodies and injured passengers were shifted to hospitals in Sadiqabad, Daharki, and Mirpur Mathelo.

Trains Collided
Image Courtesy BBC

Trains collided on Monday early morning. Millat Express train derailed and fell across the track where Sir Syed Express train bumped into it just a few minutes later. However, the reason for derailment has not been identified yet. It has been reported that the two trains carried over 1000 passengers.

On Tuesday, the officials have issued a list of 12 unidentified bodies. Deputy commissioner of Ghotki district Usman Abdullah feared that there might be more dead people. Trains collided and left many victims ranging from an infant to an 81-year-old woman.

Heavy machinery has been used to remove the wreckage and rescue the victims. There are still speculations that victims are trapped under the wreckage. Although, the hope for them to survive is dying. Railway engineer Jahan Zeb said that it is the most terrible train collision he has witnessed in his 10 years of service.

Prime Minister Imran Khan, federal ministers, and politicians expressed their deep sorrow for the mishap.

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Image Courtesy AlJazeera

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