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Truck Art – a colorful identity of Pakistan

“Dil baraye farokht, qeemat sirf aik muskurahat”

I am sure at some stage of life; we all have seen this line on the colorful trucks running on the Pakistani roads. Such poetry is one of the aspects of the appealing “Truck art” which has now become popular all around the world. Interesting poetic calligraphy when combined with complex floral patterns and vibrant colors of the truck art mesmerizes the viewer for some time.

The art now termed as “This Art” has been adding to the beauty of the sub-continent since 1940s. However, it sought attention of the international world in around 1970s when foreigners took along the fascinating photographs of the beautifully decorated and painted trucks, buses and rickshaws in Pakistan. This turn in the history of Truck art started another chapter of its glory where Pakistanis got an opportunity to exhibit this art in various parts of the world.

Now, truck art is not only showing its magic internationally but also in Pakistan. One of such examples is Lok Virsa where it is representing the beautiful culture of Pakistan during the ongoing Lok Mela. However, while discussing the art, we should not forget the hands and minds behind it. Yes, I am talking about the artists. The unfortunate fact is that we know so much about this art but very less about its artists and the stories of their struggles.  So, get ready because today we are introducing you with one of such creative Truck artists who are giving their days and nights to create masterpieces of this genre.

Muhammad Ijazullah Mughal is a well-known truck artist

Muhammad Ijazullah Mughal is a well-known truck artist based in Rawalpindi. He is associated with this art since ages as his father Haji Habib-ur-Rehman was also a famous truck artist. His father started truck art in 1956 and continued till 2018 and now, Mughal is taking forward the family’s passion for truck art. He has designed multiple art pieces on order for various customers nationally and internationally. Foxy Shehzadi is one of his remarkable projects which was designed for a French doctor on order while he was returning to his home country after serving Pakistan for 3 years. He has also designed multiple trucks during his career.

Mughal has also been part of various renowned projects of twin cities. He has displayed the magic of his brush on Christmas train and Azadi train. He has also worked for Tehzeeb Bakers- a popular bakery of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, for designing their new theme. This hardworking artist works for 18 hours a day to create masterpieces so that the world never forgets the artistic and cultural potential of Pakistan.

Although “Truck art” started from trucks and other vehicles but now it has been applied to many other items of daily use. Be it furniture, decoration pieces or crockery- truck art follows no boundaries.  According to Mughal, in his 20 years of experience, he has observed that customers find these art pieces equally interesting. He states that the international customers usually buy small art pieces e.g., mugs while the first choice of local customers is the furniture designed with this art.

This passionate truck artist is working without any support from the government. However, his dreams and future plans are as colorful and bright as the color scheme of Truck art! He feels that there should be an organization that can support him in giving trainings to the children about this art. His passion wants him to teach this art to others and distribute his knowledge. He also wants to present Truck art at various international forums so that the world sees this beautiful side of our country.

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