Friday, March 17, 2023

UK Marine Jesuit: Iron Man on South Cost of UK

There has been a lot of progress made by humanity in the latest era of the innovation in technology in different fields. Like in the field of the military where the Royal Navy are testing out the state of the art suit that can fly men over without using any air vehicles.

The state of the art technology was developed by the company named “Gravity Industry” and partnered up with the UK marines. The real life “Iron-man suit” will help these men to cross the water quickly to confront the hostile ships.

UK Marine
Image Courtesy WeareTheMighty

According to the companies that developed the suits they are far faster than any vehicle and can do the job done more quickly than fast roping from the helicopters. The suits have been tested before by the paramedics, it could be more easy and safe for the medical professionals to get to people who are living in the difficult locations.

With the flight time recorded at the time frame of 8 minutes, they give the wearer to fly it by the jets of five engines; the suit has 4 jets strapped on the hands or forearm and one on the back of the suits.

The speed of the jet is able to reach 55 mph, which have stunning break horse power about 1000bhp which has the equivalent of the Bugatti supercar.

The whole thing looks like that it came straight from the Science fiction flick. It looks cool and awesome; the contraption is fast and will define the defense technology to the whole another millennium. The suit will reshape the warfare and technology and we the humanity has come this far from the swords and shield to the trench warfare to the modern technologies which can change the landscape of the world.

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Image Courtesy: TheVerge

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