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Uncertainty between Government and Opposition in Senate Election 2021

Senate Election 2021

Politics is a complex game; it can turn into anything expected or unexpected. Here anticipations can turn into a complete surprise and the impossible becomes possible.

After every 3 years’ senate elections take place to form a permanent legislative body according to the Article 59 of the Constitution of Pakistan while each member has a term for 6 years. The future Chairman of the Senate of Pakistan will be elected on the morning of March 12, the Senate Secretariat affirmed Thursday. It will be a day to put a full stop to all the arguments buzzing around in favor of government or against them. It will open a window to a new scene which is to take decisions for the Senate director and appointee administrator, this important event will also take place on the similar evening. Leader Imran Khan has assigned Sadiq Sanjrani as the PTI possibility for Senate executive. This was affirmed by Minister of Information Shibli Faraz in a tweet on Thursday.

So far Gillani has secured 169 votes whereas Shaikh has gotten 164 votes. Out of the entire 340 votes, six were rejected while one was not surveyed. PM Imran Khan decided to get the vote of confidence. Reportedly President of Pakistan called the National Assembly for the Prime Minister to get the vote of confidence under Article 91(7).

After all these incidents, it can be seen clearly that PM Imran Khan is receiving supporter’s respect and it is assumed that as per law assembly is not going to dissolve. However, PM Imran Khan and government have been criticized by the opposition. Moreover, PTI has secured 26 seats and is the biggest party in the house but according to reports one senator from government side will be disqualified which will result in slip of one more seat from the government’s hold. Despite of being a party securing the most seats, PTI was not able to get an upper hand over opposition. PPP has got 21 seats, PML-N 18 and BAP got 12 seats.

The opposition parties have been grouped together under the umbrella of Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) and made an alliance which has turned the table for both ruling and opposition party. Government has 47 seats while the opposition has 53 seats and hence ready to elect the senate chairman. This shows that the opposition’s strategy to combine as one force has paid the desired results and the government has been blown away.

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Government has a very weak chance to stay in power as Bilawal Bhutto set up a meeting with Pervaiz Elahi to convince him to vote for Gillani, according to reports Chuadhary has rejected the offer and decided to cast a vote in favor of government’s candidate Sanjrini. PPP has announced to approach every political party including MQM while GDA nominated posts are also offered to get their vote in favor of Gillani.

PTI has filed a case against the appointment of Yousaf Raza Gillani in Election Commission. The Election Commission took notice of the PM Imran Khan’s speech and recorded a statement in response to his allegations. The ECP has scheduled the case for 11 March while the elections will be on 12 March.

PTI has filed another case for the leaked video of Gillani’s son in the Election Commission.

Shahzeb Khanzada

With all these twists and turns nothing can be said for certain who will win or who will lose. The only thing which public wants is the betterment for them. Public do not want to suffer between the war of government and opposition.

Senate Election 2021
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