Friday, March 31, 2023

US New Sanctions on Turkey – Trump’s Last Gift to Turkey

The Trump administration’s sanctions on Turkey – its NATO ally –  for its deal with Russia for an air defense system is an expected move by the US but on a new target this time. This puts pressure on the relations between Washington and Ankara.

Turkey’s new deal with Russia for purchasing the Russian S-400 missile system and role of Turkey in Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Eastern Mediterranian conflict. These sanctions are imposed according to CAATSA that allows sanctions on countries that involve in a weaponry or defense business deal with Russia.

Turkish officials were given time to think over their decision before finally putting sanctions on Turkey. Whereas, Turkey’s Foreign Minister, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu condemns and rejects these sanctions. After the US rejected the deal of Patriot missiles, Ankara had no option but to go to Russia for an air defense system.

Future of Sanctions on Turkey

Turkey being a NATO ally will put things on a fragile front and the future of NATO partnership. Also, Turkey’s economy can face a serious blow if the sanctions are increased amid pandemic.

Adding oil to the fire, the European Union is also ready to prepare sanctions on Turkey for supposedly unauthorized drilling for energy exploration. These sanctions can become a headache for Turkey in the future.

Now all eyes are on Joe Biden’s administration, whether they are willing to put past the sanctions or continue on this track.

Sanctions on Turkey
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