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Who will be the King in Senate Election 2021?

Senate Election 2021 on March 12, will decide who will win the throne and become the Chairman of the Senate

Senate Election 2021

On March 12 (Friday) at 3:00 PM elections will be held to elect the Chairman of the Senate. Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) has received the nomination papers from Yousaf Raza Gillani for Chairman post and Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Haideri for the deputy chairman post. PTI has nominated Sadiq Sanjarani for the chairman post and have not disclosed the nominee for the deputy chairman post.

PTI has not announced the candidate for the post of Deputy Chairman whereas according to reports four names; Saifullah Niazi, Ijaz Chaudhry, Mirza Afridi and Aun Abbas Bappi has been considered for the post. It has been said that PTI has intentionally left the position of deputy chairman open to attract the opposition parties for bargaining.

The war between the government and opposition is hard-hitting right now as opposition is ruling the upper house of parliament with 52 members and government has 47 members. The only way for government to get enough votes to win is pursuing the members of opposition in favor of government’s candidate or the members waste their votes.

Senate Election 2021
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On March 3, Gillani defeated Sanjarani with 5 votes from Islamabad in recent Senate elections. Imran Khan accused Gillani to win votes from illegal means and submitted a petition against him. However, Gillani and Sanjarani are facing each other on March 12, where votes will decide the winner for the position of the Senate Chairman.

Senate Election 2021 is taking new twists and turns as party leaders accusing each other for dishonesty. On Thursday, PM Imran Khan shared few messages on Twitter to express his feelings over the corruption in recent Senate elections, while Maryam Nawaz claimed that her party’s Senators have been called and told not to vote for PDM. On Twitter she wrote that her party members have recorded the evidence of calls.

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With such allegations and politics going around it is uncertain to say who will win the throne in Senate Election 2021 and become the King in Senate. To know the who will become the chairman of Senate in Senate election 2021, Pakistan has to wait until March 12 afternoon for the results.

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