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Will Nawaz return or should Nawaz return? People are waiting for Nawaz Sharif’s footsteps in Pakistan.

Nawaz Return

Former Prime minister Nawaz Sharif left for London back in 2019 due his medical conditions, 20 days later he was released on bail from a seven year sentence in guilt of corruption.

Nawaz the PML-N supremo / leader has been diagnosed with an serious immune disorder, which in result he cannot travel back to Pakistan more frequently.

LHC Conditions

After many meetings it was decided under Khan’s government to allow Nawaz travel abroad, which condition that indemnity bonds amounting to 7 to 7.5 billion Rupees be furnished and to Nawaz return back to the Pakistan as he recover, however nawaz indeed rejected such offer and taken whole case to the LHC and ordered to remove his name from ECL without any conditions or regulations. The decision or verdict was carried on or was issued after Nawaz confirmed that he will return within four weeks.

Even his brother Shahbaz Sharif confirmed and ensured Nawaz return. Till this date party fans or supporters are still waiting for Nawaz Return anytime back to the country and execute further planning.

After all those conditions by LHC, Nawaz return has not been issued as confirmed news. In earlier 2022 April, Pakistan Federal Minister Javed Latif stated that Nawaz Return is a confirmed news as Nawaz return might happen after Eid-ul fitr on 2 or 3 may. Javed Latif is considered as a closest companion to Sharif. He also stated that Nawaz Return will raise hope among people and he also believes in court and will accept itsa verdict.

Despite how Imran Khan the former Prime Minister of Pakistan worked so hard to not let Nawaz travel though after all his corruption, now Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif is ready to make Nawaz Return back to Pakistan when it is needed or when is phyisically fine.

Nawaz Return might be hard enough because his doctor has not suggested that he travel to any country at the moment. After all this he even submitted all his paperwork to the court. After all this Imran Khan during his government rejected all his papers and canceled his Pakistani Passport.

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Active from London

After all this Nawaz was active through social media. Members of his party organize many meetings online and discuss ongoing issues in Pakistan which made it easier for his supporters to listen to him and act upon him. Regularly Nawaz kept eye on Political issues, economical issues, imbalance foreign issues and all those issues Imran government leading to.

Only by staying in London did he indeed create a Democratic movement called PDM Pakistan Democratic Movement, against high inflation, poverty, high taxes and energy crisis. Along with PPP leader Asif Ali Zardari and Jamiat Ulama-e-Islam leader Maulana Fazal- ur- Rehman. Alliance of 11 opposition parties to undo the power of Khan’s Government.

In 2017, according to NAB, Nawaz had to resign from his position as a Prime Minister for the third time due to his corruption in the Panama Papers.

Later, Even though last year he was declared dishonesty for not opening his secret monthly income from the company which is owned by his son, which caused many chaosed in the country and statements like Army Chief Qamar Bajwa is more favorable toward Imran Khan.

After all the situation happened because of the no confidence vote and removal of Imran khan from the seat of Prime Minister, it is said that after falling out with Khan, Bajwa is back with Nawaz and might make Nawaz Return back to Pakistan.

This will be the third time if Nawaz comes back from exile. Nawaz already was in exile back in 1999 by General Parvez Musharraf , when he was allowed to go into exile in Saudi Arabia.

Nawaz returned back in 2007 but was arrested and deported back to KSA, after a few months under a deal and condition with Military Establishment he returned back to Pakistan and stood for Election which in result lost in 2008. Then he stood again in the election and won with enough votes to be a Prime minister for the third time.

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Nawaz Return

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