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Will Tokyo Olympics finally happen in 2021?

Will Tokyo Olympics finally happen in 2021?

Finally, some good news for sports lovers at the start of the year 2021! As per the reports, Tokyo Olympics shall begin from July 23rd, 2021. Thomas Bach, President International Olympic Committee has reassured that Tokyo Olympics will happen in 2021 and there is no ‘Plan B’ for this event. Although, various concerns have been raised regarding the event keeping in view the Covid-19 situation yet, the organizers are determined to make the event happen on the decided date.

A number of rumors are also floating regarding the event. The ‘Times of London’ published a news regarding cancellation of the event. The news piece referred to an anonymous source which revealed that the Japanese authorities have decided that the event will not take place owing to the increasing number of Covid-19 positive cases. However, a statement given by the International Olympics Committee termed this news as ‘categorically untrue’. The statement also highlighted that various parties are making joint efforts to make this event successfully happen this year.

The statement also discussed the determination expressed by the Prime Minister of Japan, Yoshihide Suga. As per the reports, the Premier is determined to make the event happen. To ensure safety, a number of countermeasures will be taken to curb the spread of virus during the awaited event. The reports stated that the government of Japan is working jointly with the Tokyo Metropolitan government and all other partners to ensure hosting the event during this year. The statement by the committee also expressed hope by saying that soon, things will return to normal.

The Japanese Premier also shared his views in the Parliament on Friday by saying that Olympic games will be considered as a symbol of humanity overcoming the virus. He also stated that the Olympic games will provide an opportunity to Japan to display its rebuilding after the deadly earthquake of 2011 and tsunami. He also expressed immense enthusiasm to work jointly with International Olympics Committee (IOC), Tokyo Metropolitan government and the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee. Along with the Japanese government, other authorities affiliated with Olympic games have also denied the claims of cancellation of the games made by Times of London.

The CEO of the Australian Olympic Committee, Matt Carroll also shared with the reporters that the news regarding the cancellation of Olympic games will create distress and anxiety among the athletes participating in the sports. Therefore, it is necessary to confirm that the Tokyo Olympic games will take place on time. He also confirmed that the inaugural ceremony of the event will take place on July 23rd, 2021. The Chief of Canadian Olympics, David Shoemaker also stated in a Twitter thread that his team has no information regarding the alleged decision taken by the Japanese authorities regarding the cancellation of the Tokyo Olympics.

He also mentioned that the Canadian Olympic Committee is sure that the event can be carried out successfully and safely as per the efforts of the last several months. He also stated that the Organizing committee is also focusing on taking countermeasures against the Covid-19 pandemic. He also assured participation in the Tokyo Olympics 2020 by giving special attention to health and safety of the athletes and participants as well as their relatives and communities.

The Tokyo Olympics that is scheduled to begin in the second half of July was originally planned in 2020. However, due to the aggressive rise in Coivd-19 cases all around the world, the authorities postponed it to 2021. Are you also a sports lover and waiting for Tokyo Olympics 2021 with your fingers crossed? Please share with us in the comments below.

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